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Synonyms for operable

Synonyms for operable

capable of being treated by surgical operation


fit or ready for use or service

usable for a specific purpose


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c) Calvert Cliffs 2 was shut down in 1989 and 1990 for replacement of pressurizer heater sleeves but is counted as operable during those years.
G2 90[degrees] Aluminum 2-Lite Operable Skylight Testing Results:
BOU: Home of the Burbank Operable Unit, a groundwater treatment plant operated by Lockheed.
The Full Funding Grant Agreement financed the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Transit System Minimum Operable Segment Two project, an extension of the existing Hoboken, NJ, to Bayonne, NJ, light rail line five miles north from Hoboken Terminal to North Bergen, NJ and one mile further south in Bayonne, NJ.
For the area known as Operable Unit 2 -- the groundwater in the southeast corner of the site -- EPA proposes that no action be taken (other than ongoing monitoring), with the groundwater allowed to recover via natural attenuation.
If we have that it's operable, we don't put up with that,'' Sigala said.
NEW YORK -- Kidaro, provider of virtual desktop computing for the enterprise without boundaries, has announced the Kidaro Managed Workspace[TM] for extending fully operable, managed, secured and easy-to-use work environments for enterprise users anywhere.
1 Nuclear Energy Overview Net Summer Nuclear Total Capacity of Electricity Operable Operable Net Units (a,b) Units (b,c) Generation Million Million Number Kilowatts Kilowatthours 1957 Total 1 0.
The ROD outlines the remedy that will be used to address soil contamination in Operable Unit 2 (OU2).
Kaufman was angry with the city for its inability to keep the infrastructure in operable order.
1 Nuclear Energy Overview Net Summer Capacity of Total Operable Operable Units (b,c) Units (a,b) Million Number Kilowatts 1957 Total 1 0.
Environmental Protection Agency announced today the signing of a document which explains changes made in the cleanup plan for a portion of the Sangamo Superfund site (referred to as Operable Unit One) in Pickens County, S.
Small narrow operable casement windows, provide ventilation and window cleaning access.