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Synonyms for operable

Synonyms for operable

capable of being treated by surgical operation


fit or ready for use or service

usable for a specific purpose


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According to the firm, the first batch of S9 Antminers is scheduled to be shipped and delivered in January 2018 and be operable in February 2018.
Header must be equipped with height control and must be operable
b) Shippingport was shut down from 1974 through 1976 for conversion to a light-water breeder reactor, but is counted as operable from 1957 until its retirement in 1982.
With this approval, Solar can manufacture impact 90[degrees] operable skylights that measure 120" wide by 72" high.
Just like we look back at concrete buildings that are terribly inefficient from an energy standpoint, we'll look back and say, 'Yes, we used to build buildings without operable windows,'" says Menchaca.
In addition, the potentially responsible parties have recently agreed to perform other investigatory work that will take place in Operable Unit 1 Areas 1 and 2.
Operable windows are best suited to regions that have temperate climates; otherwise cold, humidity, precipitation, and extreme heat limit the number of days you might be able to let in untreated air.
Adjuvant chemotherapy, with or without postoperative radiotherapy, in operable non-small-cell lung cancer: Two meta-analyses of individual patient data.
As a system, the facade comprises a bespoke double-glazed inner skin, set 700mm behind the operable veil.
lt;span>Ark filed the application for marketing approvalaA aA of Cerepro, its gene-based therapy for operable malignant glioma (brain cancer), </span><span>in December 2008.
Also, a method of retooling genes and gene pathways by the introduction of regulatory sequences, such as promoters, that are operable in an intended host, thus conferring operability to a novel gene pathway when it is introduced into an intended host.
In addition, the Burbank Operable Unit, a groundwater treatment plant built by Lockheed, will be in operation for another 18 to 20 years.
Kaufman was angry with the city for its inability to keep the infrastructure in operable order.
The series 2000B notes are secured by Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grants pursuant to a Full Funding Grant Agreement between the FTA and NJ Transit which financed the construction of the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Transit System Minimum Operable Segment Two.