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a building where musical dramas are performed


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The opera house promises an impressive first season, with planned performances by Placido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli and soprano Renee Fleming.
Licensor of 3D technologies RealD Inc (NYSE:RLD) together with Royal Opera House disclosed on Monday the availability of advanced tickets and group ticket sales for the theatrical event Carmen in 3D on 5 March in RealD 3D-equipped theatres.
MUSCAT: Oman's music-loving Sultan Qaboos is building an Italian-style opera house, a temple dedicated to classical music that will be unique across the Arabian Peninsula.
Tony Hall, chief executive of the Royal Opera House, said: "I think it's very exciting that we're able to relay live opera and ballet performances from the Royal Opera House.
According to the London daily Elaph, the Egyptian Opera House celebrated its 20th anniversary this February.
Danish architect Joern Utzon, who has died, aged 90, designed the magnificent Sydney Opera House in 1957, but never saw Australia's most iconic building finished.
A multi-million pound opera house could be built on the site of the scrapped super casino project, it emerged yesterday.
Kain has chosen this same heirloom production--refurbished at a cost of roughly $700,000--to launch NBC into the new opera house.
This one was the brass section of the Royal Opera House Orchestra.
The Opera House Cup Race is one of the best classic yacht regattas, and Anne T.
Depending on the person, particular cells in the medial temporal lobe--an area critical to forming long-term memories--get fired up only by, for example, images of actress Jennifer Aniston or of Australia's Sydney Opera House.
This paper examines the controversy surrounding the construction of the Sydney Opera House at mid-century, and the role of "absent" homosexuality in shaping the new ideals of the country as a modern nation.
Las Vegas' Venetian Hotel is spending $25 million to build a theater specifically designed for ``Phantom,'' complete with plunging chandelier, opulent opera house, gondola grotto - the whole nine yards.
In 2003 Tenerife inaugurated Santiago Calatrava's white-winged 'Auditorio' and in January 2005 Copenhagen will formally open Henning Larsen's new opera house, to be named after Queen Margarita.
The National Trust for Historic Preservation and Scotchgard Protector, a product of Minnesota-based adhesives company 3M, have named the Central City Opera House in Gilpin County one of five national, historical treasures to receive professional cleaning and treatment with Scotchgard products to preserve and protect the buildings.