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an optical instrument designed for simultaneous use by both eyes

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The two priests viewed the Duck Boats through opera glasses, and Howard particularly wanted to see Coach Claude Julien, whom he felt showed a great deal of class during the tumultuous final series.
My last visit there was to see Tom Stoppard's Arcadia and there I was, fiddling with the opera glasses as of old.
All he has to do is crouch on the edge of the bed with a pair of opera glasses, ogling the love birds as they get jiggy.
Seeing the light: Louise Bent with a pair of opera glasses which were taken from the theatre on its opening night and returned for the exhibition.
Even the little red opera glasses that were 50p to rent made you feel like you were watching some surrealist peep show directed by David Lynch.
AMONG the treasured bric-a-brac of Ann Sholem's lounge - a seashell from Cuba, outrageous silver opera glasses - is a Morgen Hall ceramic urn.
However, it is in Mary Cassatt's painting At the Francais, A Sketch, in which a woman watches the performance or gazes at the audience through opera glasses while she, in turn, is being inspected by a man with a lorgnette on the same balcony, that this impulse finds its ultimate embodiment.
Instead of hemp necklaces, they fondled opera glasses that cost more than my car payment.
The singer stunned staff when she turned up at the tiny Lake District business and bought a shaving mug, opera glasses and kitchen scales.
The bell rings a final time, the lights are lowered, he takes his opera glasses from their case.
In a trek that takes in India, Russia, China and everywhere else tigers roam, Padel scans the jungles with her opera glasses, feels the heat of tigers' pugmarks on her palms, and muses on these beasts' importance in all of our lives, finding enough peace along the way to be able, at last, to wish her former lover "a good path through the forest".
Multiple sources confirmed for us that when the mayor called the city's emergency dispatch center he knew the "suspicious character" was, in fact, a political activist armed with a pair of opera glasses, who was hiding near a closed-to-the-public restaurant, where the mayor was attending a private luncheon.
Kozlowski used Tyco money for a $5 million wedding ring, $30,000 worth of opera glasses and half the tab for a $2 million Roman-themed birthday bash in Sardinia, prosecutor Ann Donnelly told jurors.
When the good people of Gullen initially reject her offer, Claire simply retires to her hotel balcony and keeps an eye on things below with her opera glasses.
A comfy cushion and a pie and Bovril to see me through would have been sensible but instead I was kitted out in black and white - that's a tux, not a St Mirren strip - plus opera glasses.