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Synonyms for openness



Synonyms for openness

the condition of being laid open to something undesirable or injurious

ready acceptance of often new suggestions, ideas, influences, or opinions

Synonyms for openness

without obstructions to passage or view

characterized by an attitude of ready accessibility (especially about one's actions or purposes)

willingness or readiness to receive (especially impressions or ideas)

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In the current study we considered virtual and real-world openness as personal factors and Internet communication as a person-situation factor to explore their multiple effects on social creativity.
In addition, platforms for government affairs openness should be improved and diversified.
While these characteristics indicate how open publicly accessible content can be, for internally focused KM programs, we think about openness in entirely different--and yet no less important--ways.
These results are not surprising as the most pronounced and consistent area of problems for the FFM has been the Openness to Experience domain (Caspi, Roberts, & Shiner, 2005).
Visa openness promotes talent mobility and business opportunities.
Withholding data and methods, they argue, doesn't necessarily mean that the researchers are opposed to the principles of openness - indeed, research cited in the paper contradicts this.
The Religious Openness Hypothesis argues that this negative relationship reflects a fundamentalist ghettoization of faith that walls out the intellect in response to what some Christians perceive to be the inhospitality of an increasingly influential Western secularism (Kamble et al.
Keywords: Trade Openness, Economic growth, Financial development, Quality of labor, Gross Fixed capital
In most studies, the effect of openness of economy (the degree of openness of economy) on inflation has been studied, such as Lin, Daniels and Jin who have investigated the relationship between free trade international and inflation and have achieved different results.
Therefore, it is essential, especially in developing countries, to analyze the openness of principals, teachers and the school environment to change so as to ensure an effective process of change.
Referring to Pakistan's constitution, the Chairman Senate observed that the constitution guarantees openness and transparency in public sector by protecting citizens' right to Information.
the existence of the inverse connection between inflation and openness in Pakistan for the period of 1970-71 to 2008-09.
Peters emphasizes the centrality of knowledge and information to the processes of the sign economy and the symbolic society, the advent of the Internet and user-generated cultures, and the relation between openness and creativity as part of a networked group.
Trade openness is the value of a country's current account transactions, composed mostly imports and exports, with the rest of the world as a percentage of its gross domestic product.
Economists Francesc Ortega of Queens College in New York and Giovanni Peri of the University of California at Davis analyzed immigration and income data from 188 countries and found a "robust, positive effect of openness to immigration on long-run income per capita.