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Synonyms for openmouthed

with eyes or mouth open in surprise

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A MILLION men's fantasies came true today after pop divas Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera both shared an openmouthed kiss with Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York.
In a chat with Steph, Gos and Cameron in the garden yesterday, the dippy, hippy chick was openmouthed to discover that physics geek Jon has more than just a soft spot for her.
30pm) WE'VE seen celebs reduced to tears and watched openmouthed as everyday people have made a meal out of preparing a simple dish.
He even dressed the part to leave openmouthed drinkers wondering whether they should lay off the black stuff.
But its opening shots, with the camera looking down from above on the girl's face, are ambiguous: Her intense, openmouthed expression at first seemed like that of a porn star simulating an orgasm.
She left audience members openmouthed, with a waistline dramatically reduced and her black hair now greying, as she returned to TV yesterday after a decade away.
GORDON Ramsay has blasted "cranky" American police, women drivers and the French - leaving US chat show host Jay Leno openmouthed with shock.
The star's tirade left the other trainees openmouthed.
After standing openmouthed, he moans: "Stupid titties and fish.
And not just stand openmouthed at the way Soccer Circus has nodded to the game's ethnic diversity - by giving one of the Keegan models a Black & White Minstrelsstyle makeover.