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Last week, the Taliban announced plans to open a political office in Qatar, the opening move for a resumption in talks.
Like the budget proposals that President Bush released during the years when Democrats controlled the Senate, the budget proposal is being greeted more as the opening move in a game of budget chess than a document that will have much to do with the budget ultimately adopted.
Offshore drilling was expected to be an opening move to get energy reform passed in the Senate, but lawmakers will be hard-pressed to find the necessary support with the latest incident.
Virtually every possible opening move is covered within the pages of "FCO: Fundamental Chess Openings", making it an absolutely ideal addition to personal and professional chess reference collections, and a highly recommended acquisition for academic and community libraries as well.
As I wrote in Soissons 1918, the vulnerability of Soissons was a major factor in what became the opening move of the Allied Aisne-Marne offensive, the beginning of the second battle of the Marne.
took great pains last week to say that his recent resignation from the four trusts that control the majority of McClatchy voting stock is not an opening move in a larger gambit, such as taking the company private, as industry pundits and financial journalists had speculated.
Remated" (81 points) was Abordo's opening move in game two.
45% on offer, with leaders describing the one-day strike as the opening move in what will be a long-term campaign over pay.
Written by a King's Indian expert, Play The King's Indian carefully dissects the advantages, disadvantages, and theory concerning this popular opening move for Black and how White can defend against it.
The new demands of globalisation and world-wide terrorism will require new ways of enquiry: 'This book' he concludes, 'has been an opening move in that inquiry'.
Concluded Lynn, "If members of Congress see this hearing as an opening move toward funding religious conversion, they had better think again.
Pointing to a 6-inch scar along the left side of his neck, Rooker said, "That was his opening move.
As her opening move, the editor reprints Gloria Wade-Gayles's 1996 personal-is-most-definitely-political essay "Who Says an Older Woman Can't/Shouldn't Dance?
The purchase, which BBA called its opening move into the South American nonwovens market, gives the company an edge in the industrial and geo-textile segments of the business, where Bidim has a leading market share.
It is not unreasonable to ask that the opening move in a discussion should bring the reader into the debate.