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the first line of a piece of writing (as a newspaper story)

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This week my opening line might have been, "Sitting on the back porch of a local brew pub, my laptop, a beer and quesadillas strewn in front of me .
n Asking a "yes-or-no" question as an opening line is, always has been and always will be a pretty lame idea.
Devet's response emphasizes the ongoing value of Wendy Bishop's November, 1988 article, in which Bishop shows readers the extent to which the opening lines of a tutorial can determine the outcome of each session.
I WONDER what the opening line was from the Aberdeen woman who arrived back at her boyfriend's flat naked.
The steel and glass sculpture Opening Line, by British-based American artist Danny Lane, is 90m long.
To get full enjoyment of the following, you must read the opening line out loud and with an obnoxious Chinese accent:
So what was your best-ever opening line when you were 15?
Here is the opening line to "Fugata": "You exploded into me like a burst of doves.
and Joseph Biden (the opening line of the Port Huron statement is, "We are people of this generation')--not the strength of the alternative political structures it spawned.
Then, at a staff meeting, I draw one card at a time from the box and read aloud its opening line, so that the randomness of clients' coming into the lab is replicated as nearly as possible.
That routine was only mildly amusing at best, as was Stewart's opening line, ``Tonight is the night we celebrate excellence in film, with me, fourth male lead from 'Death to Smoochy.
The opening line of the story reflects the story's overall tone: "The teenage boy fatally shot June 12 in Richmond's East End apparently was not as dangerous as he looked to the man who killed him.
The words we lip-read are from the opening line of "East Coker," the second of the Four Quartets: "In my beginning is my end.
From the opening line to the wrap-up, a thematic thread forms, stitching the points together and making the message known.
87-93) -- is captured with a similarly alliterative and felicitous opening line and then sustained by parallel grammatical construction in the English translation: "And bit by bit was born within my breast, / I don't know from what root, / as grass may seem to germinate itself, / a strange affection that / made me desire to be / forever present where / my lovely Silvia was.