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Synonyms for openhearted

showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity

freely communicative

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CEO of TCF, Mushtaq Chhapra, in his message said: 'We appreciate the openheartedness and generosity demonstrated by KESC towards the cause of spreading quality education.
On the issue of Sarabjit, the authorities and the Government of Pakistan have shown openheartedness.
A lot was written to describe the interests which were secured by the alliance and went beyond the Lebanese border, amid openheartedness and even enthusiasm shown by the Iranian and Syrian sponsors.
Also, as Jack comes to realize at one point, Olaf "towered above ordinary men with his openheartedness.
Kirk Eichelberger was a sardonic, sinister Sparafucile, while Norine Burgess brought an unexpected openheartedness to Maddalena.
This is consistent with other rural population descriptors of openheartedness, helpfulness, hospitality (Coyne et al.
And it plunges into the detail of how to work for institutions designed to foster openheartedness.
Mindful of the floods that devastated the Mozambique coast in 2000 and the openheartedness then of donors around the world, the government donated a 'symbolic' $100,000 to the International Federation of the Red Cross, and called on its citizens, businesses and institutions to contribute what they could to the relief effort in "a humanitarian gesture characteristic of the Mozambique people".