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Synonyms for opener

the first event in a series

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a person who unfastens or unwraps or opens

a hand tool used for opening sealed containers (bottles or cans)

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replies the opener, not a bad fellow at the bottom, and no admirer of Flashman.
If there aren't openers for a long time, the pot grows to tremendous proportions.
The Genie Company, a manufacturer of garage door openers and accessories for residential and commercial applications in the United States, has launched its new garage door opener, the Model 3020.
KUHN RIKON OPENER: Kuhn Rikon has introduced the Ultimate 5-in-1 Auto Opener, a traditional-style can opener with a twist.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 12, 2013-Zep Inc reports availibility of latest single use commercial product, Liquid Heat Drain Opener
Narragansett 13, Maynard 0: Rylie Hammond had six goals and two assists and Olyvia Moulton had two goals and three assists as the host Warriors rolled past the Tigers in the opener for both teams.
Lot one set opener hydrauliqueposte A: Set hydraulic door opener consists of: - an open- hydraulic door and its accessories (same position B) - a hydraulic pump for hydraulic door openers and accessories (same position C) - a rack for carrying hydraulic door openers and accessories (same position D) Position B : hydraulic door openers and accessories; Post C: Hydraulic pump for hydraulic door openers and accessories; Post D: Claie for carrying hydraulic door opener and accessoires.
Not many appliances get as much of a workout as the garage door opener.
The Nashville garage door expert say just last week, his office received a call from a customer who could not remotely operate his garage door opener and could not understand why.
This bottle opener will make you wish the twist-off cap had never been invented," said Sara Miller Stratton of Resource Revival.
The mean values of density at the time of seedling emergence at 0-5 cm depth under disk-type furrow opener, reverse-hoe type furrow opener and hoe-type furrow opener were 1.
Take the trouble out of opening cans with these stylish electric openers Kenwood CO600 three-in-one can opener pounds 13 (www.
The Red Sox drew 38,000 compared to 37,440 for the opener, a difference of 1.
It may be noted that the selection committee had declared Malik as a back up opener while announcing the team for the eight-nation tournament.
The Cone to Hole Opener Revolution Ratio is significantly reduced with the larger diameter.