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(of mines and mining) worked from the exposed surface


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United Valleys Action Group (UVAG) and the Green Valleys Alliance (GVA) have been campaigning against the monstrous Nant Llesg opencast for the past three years.
Garage worker Brian said: "The turnout was fantastic - locals have really got behind me to star in the video and also express their concerns about an opencast so near to the bay.
The Nungu Colliery coal reserves are located beneath the surface on the remaining extent of Portion 23 and access to the underground coal reserves is also located on Portion 23 in the high wall of the previously mined out Nungu West Opencast pit.
Torfaen Labour AM Lynne Neagle led a short debate on Wednesday night on opencast mining, airing her long-held opposition to plans for a mine in Varteg Hill in her constituency.
The historical and widely acclaimed Tanfield Railway will also suffer possible damage through the opencast mining taking place so close them, the dirt and noise may also put off their visitors.
200 mm dia pipe line for coal face at Ukni Opencast Mine
The diggers struck in a bid to thwart Scottish Coal opencast mining in Lanarkshire's Douglas Valley.
Dan Byles has put his name behind a Private Members Bill in the House of Commons aimed at strengthening the rights of people across England when opencast coal mines are proposed in their neighbourhoods.
phosphorous run of mine coal with an average opencast stripping ratio of
The buffer would affect any future extensions of existing opencast sites as well as new mining activity, the Assembly Government said.
In spite of the small depth of the oil shale bedding underground mining spread instead of opencast mining because excavators were quite a rarity at that time [3].
RJB has given assurances to the council that all traffic from the opencast site would be routed along the A5 and safety measures would be introduced.
STRICT rules to control opencast coal mining in England were unveiled yesterday.
This included the erection of a new coal processing plant, closure of old opencast and underground workings and the opening of the Lakeside West orebody.
A WELSH government minister has promised a review of the rules that enforce buffer zones around opencast mining sites.