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The team kept only examples of laughter that was associated with positive feelings, and they separated the clips into short bursts of sound that featured either open-mouthed or closed-mouthed laughing.
them, the audience, open-mouthed, stunned into silence as she crosses
TWO figures that left me open-mouthed this week: Tiger Woods was reported to have slept with more than 120 women in his five-year marriage to Elin Nordegren.
The fashion designer from Dublin was left open-mouthed as host Davina McCall announced she had been evicted last night.
The jockey/trainer was left open-mouthed as the Weathercock House Stables smart 4x4 disappeared over the horizon.
Officially unveiled in front of hundreds of open-mouthed EU workers, the piece depicts Bulgaria as a Turkish toilet, Spain as covered in concrete, Portugal as three slabs of meat and Lithuania as five soldiers urinating over the border into Belarus.
Several of the 11 jurors looked on open-mouthed as the three cousins - Patricia da Silva, Alessandro Pereira and Vivian Figueiredo - stood up and unzipped their jackets to reveal the message.
When she told me, I just sat open-mouthed," he said.
The support the Barmy Army gives England is brilliant and even the Australians look at them in open-mouthed amazement.
At one point, the alpha frog hovered open-mouthed above McPhee, as if stalking a bug on a lily pad.
Saucy Big Brother star Jade, 25, was lef t open-mouthed when Jack, 19, handed her skimpy knickers to try on.
When asked if they were a tribute band, they left staff and customers open-mouthed by revealing they were the real thing.
A couple of years later I did the same shark cage diving trip and the captains there still talked of Benchley's open-mouthed reaction when he saw the Great Whites rear out of the sea and grab the bait being trawled behind the boats.
The heads (some open-mouthed or with protruding tongues) also appear comparatively vulnerable, even suggesting decapitation.
Live audiences only intensified that charisma: With a toss of his hair, a cock of the eyebrow, and particularly his perpetual open-mouthed grin, Loud shines brightly in even the grainiest of clips.