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Synonyms for open-minded

Synonyms for open-minded

ready and willing to receive favorably, as new ideas

not narrow or conservative in thought, expression, or conduct

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ready to entertain new ideas

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When climate-change skeptics were characterized as open-minded, Republicans thought the test was nifty.
Open-minded leaders encourage different perspectives by asking questions and showing a genuine curiosity.
The group that uses both methods liberally, and is open-minded about the benefits of each.
While the morality of the war in Iraq is debatable, the reasons for prosecuting it are quite evident to open-minded patriots.
Harvard Law School Professor Kennedy is one of the most intelligent, open-minded thinkers about race and culture in America today.
Consider your latest review a wake-up call (however unexpected) and take a close, open-minded look at how expectations have changed and what you can do to improve.
Personally, I'm open-minded,'' Yanagisawa told reporters on the sidelines of his meetings here with top British financial officials.
A generally open-minded tone is compromised by a few of the authors' prejudices: a tendency to see the architects' loyalties as being inordinately subject to fuzzy environmental priorities and to undefined local public pressure groups.
Women who shake hands like a man make the best first impression - and they tend to be open-minded and liberal, researchers have found.
We remain open-minded as to the solution,'' spokesman Steve Double said.
Such potshots raise the wrong questions, at least to the open-minded viewer.
Harley commented: "I am pleased with the Board's willingness to invite me to join the Board to help provide an open-minded and objective perspective as the Board navigates through the complex tasks ahead.
I've got to be open-minded but I think last season was a hard one for Wolves so it's also about getting the confidence back.
Hearts insist they are committed to their programme of redevelopment of Tynecastle but are open-minded about economic alternatives.
Same-sex couples would obviously raise the children to be more open-minded, which is a good thing.