open-end wrench

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a wrench having parallel jaws at fixed separation (often on both ends of the handle)

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22 is notorious for being grubby) then use an open-end wrench on the rear cap, unscrew it, and then use something non-marring to push the baffles out.
It takes a 1 1/4-in and a 1 3/16-in open-end wrench to loosen the connection.
Our new 8PP3 has a significantly strengthened case that is extremely robust with respect to open-end wrench installation and removal.
With a 5/8-in open-end wrench, loosen the track adjuster bleed valve just enough to allow grease to flow.
I've found you can cut the job to 15 minutes by taking a 1/4-in open-end wrench and grinding off its sides until the wrench fits easily in the holes for the nuts.