open-door policy

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the policy of granting equal trade opportunities to all countries

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Part of the motivation for an open-door policy is that it demonstrates a leader is approachable and relatable to their followers.
She urged filmmakers to make use of the open-door policy of the film festival.
The post Germany has curbed open-door policy for migrants, govt data shows appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The citizens who met the minister thanked him and EWA officials, lauding the open-door policy to engage citizens in the authority's services system.
At 69 years of age I have seen many crazy and diabolical political decisions being taken by our politicians, this open-door policy with Europe has to be the worst decision ever taken and I fear for our future generations who will be saddled with the incompetence of the poor batch of political leaders who represent us today.
We support NATO's open-door policy and believe the door should be opened to Macedonia as well.
Deputy Foreign Minister Petrov welcomed in his address the NATO open-door policy and presented the achievements as well as the expectations of the Republic of Macedonia of the future process of NATO enlargement.
Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs Minister Dr Juma Al Ka'abi has introduced an open-door policy - to personally listen to the complaints of citizens directly, reported the Gulf daily News, our sister publication.
The open-door policy is an approach that has been inherent in Bahrain in thought, action and practice, where senior officials are keen to meet citizens, journalists, members of the legislature, clergymen, businessmen and men of thought, said a government statement.
Since the time of the late King Abdul Aziz, the government has pursued an open-door policy where the rulers would receive citizens, listen to their complaints and resolve their problems.
Open-door policy (100 percent of surveyed companies) followed by organizational culture (40 percent of surveyed companies) were the two most important elements for a healthy working atmosphere.
But with one in three of the five million people living on the tiny island now a foreigner and citizens complaining about competition for jobs, housing and medical care, the government has been looking anew at its open-door policy.
We've heard a lot about the open-door policy on immigration but isn't this taking the door off its hinges and rolling out a red carpet?
It operates an open-door policy but Mr Warrior said they were now considering locking doors for the first time.
Or our open-door policy that allows extremists into this country to destroy us from within?