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not restricted or confined to few

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At 69 years of age I have seen many crazy and diabolical political decisions being taken by our politicians, this open-door policy with Europe has to be the worst decision ever taken and I fear for our future generations who will be saddled with the incompetence of the poor batch of political leaders who represent us today.
Deputy Foreign Minister Petrov welcomed in his address the NATO open-door policy and presented the achievements as well as the expectations of the Republic of Macedonia of the future process of NATO enlargement.
Many supervisors pride themselves on their open-door policy, but what does that really mean to staff?
It's part of an open-door policy, a popular management practice today.
28), Best Buy has instituted an open-door media policy for newspaper, TV and radio reporters.
His open-door policy is legendary at his old schools, and Acosta said it was not uncommon to have several students arrive at his door each day without appointments.
However, it will operate under the same open-door philosophy as Corel with a horizontal management structure - advanced products, sales and engineering concentration.
Q Top management in our company frequently tells us how available they are, and they place major importance on their open-door policy.