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Pitt, in a full-length leather coat and open-collared white shirt, was the only Ocean's 12 superstar to ignore the night's formal dress code.
Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver defends his decision to meet The Queen to collect his MBE in an open-collared shirt
Bow ties were swapped for bright open-collared shirts as the crowd were openly encouraged to exchange banter with the players, who entered the arena to thumping music while accompanied by glamorous Power Girls and then perched on bar stools as they waited for their turns at the table.
The head teacher at that time was Mr Mallalieu and the form teacher, sitting next to him, unconventionally open-collared, was Mr Wood.
After slipping into a black velvet jacket and open-collared shirt, Miguel resumed the show, performing ``Con Tus Besos,'' ``Nos Hizo Falta Tiempo'' and ``Que Tristeza'' before exiting the stage in a snowfall of red confetti.
At the trial's opening, the ousted Iraqi leader - looking thin with a salt-and-pepper beard in a dark grey suit and open-collared white shirt - stood and asked Amin, 'Who are you?
Wearing an open-collared white shirt and a black suit, the Republican repeated his standard campaign themes, saying he would reduce state government spending, repeal the vehicle tax increase, protect funding for eduction and reform California's expensive workers' compensation system.
The video showed Saddam wearing a dark-coloured jacket and white open-collared shirt being questioned by a man in the dark robes of a judge.
He said, 'Please promise me you'll read it in one sitting,' '' recalls Fiennes, casually dressed in an open-collared red shirt and khakis as he sits in the lounge of a Beverly Hills hotel.
2 -- 3 -- color) Alison Janney, below, of ``The West Wing'' reflects the new working-girl image in an open-collared blouse and traditional Cartier tank watch.
Law & Order'' keeps getting new assistant DAs, but last season's Jamie Ross (Carey Lowell, heading off to court with Sam Waterston, who plays assistant DA Jack McCoy) set the fashion pace for real-life attorneys with her open-collared blouse, conservative suit and professional pumps.
The petite fashion maven with a pixie haircut wore a simple gray flannel pant suit (those new trousers with the continental tab waist) with an open-collared black shirt.
Suiting up in an iridescent blue suit by Richard Tyler and black leather jeans by BCBG with an open-collared sweater by Mossimo, Ashby commented, ``They reflect my sense of style; so I guess they're very L.
She also said that women with pear shapes (large hips, small shoulders) can create the illusion of equal proportion by wearing a crisp white open-collared shirt tucked into black pants.
Mossimo took a new look at '70s leisure suits and his pale green (it's still strong) four-button doubleknit suit with an open-collared shirt was a hit, looking especially cool on celeb model Gedrick.