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any very successful means of achieving a result

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a magical command

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Ms Singh says, "I decided to open Sesame Street Preschool because of its uniqueness and its ability to improve the thinking process and development in very small children.
He presided over deeply unpopular bungled reforms which heralded rising waiting lists, 20billion [pounds sterling] cuts to services, job losses to thousands of nurses and other health workers, installed an expensive, needless bureaucracy and announced an open sesame to the private firms which put profit before patient care.
Open Sesame is a high-tech voice biometrics application from VoiceTrust.
The dual Listed winner is joined in the Chapple-Hyam draft by the unbeaten Open Sesame (687) and progressive handicapper Exceptional Art (657).
OPEN SESAME The technological transformation now under way in polling places has its roots back in 2000.
Their Open Sesame was included on the soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever (1977).
In Open Sesame (1895), Harland Ballard provided rhymed answers to the first Bellamy book, and in Re-Open Sesame (1897), he did the same for the second
The main lobby is open sesame," said Broder, who filed his case against the Empire State Building Company with the State Supreme Court.
Hidden in a tree, the poor woodcutter Ali Baba sees a band of robbers enter a secret cave by saying the magic words " Open Sesame.
Gold Sponsors: Avasant Basis Czech ICT Alliance Ericpol Export Promotion Bureau Bangladesh Global Equations HCL Invest in Poland Jamaica Trade & Invest L&T Infotech Open Sesame
Buying a degree - which is what a university education is these days - is not an open sesame to a job.
16 (BNA): The Southern Governorate will open, on December 18, the fourth Al-Basta Market in Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), with the participation of the characters of the famous educational programme Open Sesame and Emirati and Bahraini local bands.
Vubiz to declare their partnership in Open Sesame s new PLUS Program, which is an accumulation of over 3,000 hand-picked e-learning courses from twelve award winning providers and integrates the most training topics like business skills, compliance, desktop and IT courses.
Couples, depending on their geographical locations, will either dine at Open Sesame on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, which is known for their authentic Lebanese cuisine, or Del Frisco's Grille at Irvine Spectrum in Orange County featuring comfort foods with a contemporary twist.
The 1m2f handicap for threeyear-old was won in good style by the Peter Chapple-Hyam trained Open Sesame, who was making it three wins from three starts.