open marriage

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a marriage in which each partner is free to enter into extraneous sexual relationships without guilt or jealousy from the other

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to open marriage to gay couples, paving the way for Canada to become the third country to allow same-sex unions," reported the New York Times.
Alex stood by her husband after his arrest and even gave evidence in his defence, claiming they had an open marriage and both had affairs.
It was 1975, when the notions of open marriage and no-fault divorce looked ominous, and for a priest in small-town Minnesota, California seemed like the epicenter of apostasy and new twists on sin.
The department had conducted an internal affairs investigation as a result of the following allegations: 1) that the officer had sexually harassed co-workers; 2) that he had dated a gang member's mother; and 3) that he had bragged to women while on duty that he maintained an open marriage and a "swinging" lifestyle.
Most of us haven't experimented with open marriage, wife swapping, or group sex.
Bernice fiance if but he really answer her" Lawrence suggests they have an open marriage.
There are some sources that claimed that they are getting a divorce after they wrap up the "On the Run" tour, while some gossip sites are reporting that they are in an open marriage and marriage counselling will not even help.
Bruno Carbonnet, a well-known painter, claimed the couple had an open marriage where they were both allowed to take other people to bed.
He had pressed ahead despite poor showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, boosted by strong debate performances and shrugging off allegations by an ex-wife that he asked her for an open marriage so he could keep his mistress.
House Speaker Newt Gingrich to address his ex-wife's accusation he wanted an open marriage.
We've got an open marriage, Harry and me," he jokes.
Then, too, it has always seemed to this reviewer that the score is riddled with inside jokes so typical of Haydn, delicious ironic pokes at Handel and Mozart and a final dizzying dialog between Adam and Eve that surely mockingly references Haydn's very public open marriage (in which Papa cavorted with his mistress, Luigia Polzelli, and Papa's wife frolicked with her lover, painter Ludwig Guttenbrunn, who punctuated the in-your-face assault on the norms of contemporary London and Vienna by slowly crafting a most famous portrait of Papa.
Jenny Block tells how she grew up in suburban Dallas confused and conflicted about society's messages regarding sex and marriage, then found her way through college relationship romps, a period of Stepford Wife misery in a housing development, rocky affairs, a marriage crisis--and then a wonderfully successful open marriage.
When Jane turns up, she gets revenge by announcing that Ian is donating pounds 10,000 to charity and has an open marriage - leaving Victor's randy wife Maeve to make a move.
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