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an interval that does not include its endpoints

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Yet again, any real number x in the open interval (a, b) satisfies [PI](x, g(i + 1), .
Let J be an open interval in R, and let T([lambda]) [member of] [C.
It represents the open interval corresponding to the saturated zone of the sediments.
In particular, we say that the composition F(f(x)) exists and is equal to h on the open interval (a, b) if
Assume that the function f: I [subset] R [right arrow] R for an open interval I has a simple root [alpha] [member of].
Let u: I [right arrow] R be a twice continuously differentiable strictly increasing concave function with decreasing absolute risk aversion defined in an open interval I.
Now let us rewrite the intrinsic Lorentz transformation ([phi]LT) and its inverse of systems (13) on page 40 and (16) on page 42 in the positive universe in the generalized forms in which they can be applied for all values of [phi][psi] in the concurrent open intervals (-[pi]/2, [pi]/2) and ([pi]/2, 3[pi]/2) in Fig.
DDH 29-11 was previously reported as an open interval of mineralization (see News Release dated October 26, 2006).
2] must lie in the open interval (0, 1), because if either [x.
The title of the Table 6 is phrased as "Mean duration (in months) of the open interval currently breastfeeding last child in PFS 1974-75, PCPS 1984-85 and PDHS 1990-91.
The Company now plans to set 7" casing to the top of the Ca1, then run a drill stem test of the full 70 meter open interval.
A generalization of that question concerns the topology of the (order complexes of) intervals in P, since the Mobius function of an interval I = [a, b] in P equals the reduced Euler characteristic of the topological space determined by the order complex [DELTA](I), whose faces are the chains of the open interval (a,b).
We are now ready to state our first theorem which establishes an open interval of [lambda] for which (1.
Lagrange mean value theorem) Assume that f(x) is continuous on the closed interval [a, b] and derivable on the open interval (a, b).