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an interval that does not include its endpoints

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2), all defined on the same open interval J, is called a fundamental set of solutions on J if the solutions are linearly independent functions on J.
Thus, there exists an open interval [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] such that, for infinitely many j,
1 Let f:XRR for an open interval X and consider that the nonlinear equation f(x)=0 (or x=g(x)) has a simple root X, where g(x):XRR be sufficiently smooth in the neighborhood of ; then the convergence order of new fixed point iterative method given in (4) is at least two.
problem (1) admits at least three weak solutions in X and, moreover, for each h > 1, there exists an open interval
Yet again, any real number x in the open interval (a, b) satisfies [PI](x, g(i + 1), .
Let J be an open interval in R, and let T([lambda]) [member of] [C.
It represents the open interval corresponding to the saturated zone of the sediments.
We say that the neutrix composition F(/(x)) exists and is equal to h on the open interval (a, b) if
where f : I [subset] R [right arrow] R is a scalar function on an open interval I and is sufficiently smooth in a neighbourhood of a.
Consider a 'smooth function' f in an open interval containing a point at x = [x.
GAMMA](s) exist the least value in open interval [1,2], and monotone decreasing at the left side of the point, at the right side of the point monotone increasing.
Let ube a strictly increasing three times continuously differentiate function defined in an open interval I.
of the negative universe "observe" intrinsic Special Relativity ([phi]SR) and hence observe Special Relativity (SR) for intrinsic angles [phi][psi] in the open interval (-[pi]/2, [pi]/2) in Fig.
Most elementary statistics texts present binomial parameter confidence intervals defined on the open interval (0,1), although [pi] [member of] [0,1].
2] must lie in the open interval (0, 1), because if either [x.