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start firing a weapon


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Summary: A patient, angry that a doctor tried to shave his body hair to perform an operation, called his friends to open fire on a Baalbek hospital, sources said.
LAHORE -- A Joint Investigation Team (JIT), having unclear and restricted probing charter, has been informed on Friday that Superintendent Police (SP) Salman Ali Khan ordered police personnel to open fire on the demonstrating male, female, youth and old-age workers amid Model Town clashes on 17 June.
open fire at Palestinian fishermen's boats almost on daily basis, preventing them
Instead he tried to reverse his taxi prompting Rangers to open fire on him.
For his part, Spokesman of the Israeli Army claimed that the Palestinians who were in the car did not stop at the checkpoint, a matter which prompted the troops to open fire.
CAIRO: Ousted president Hosni Mubarak never ordered the army to open fire on demonstrators calling for an end to his rule, Egypt's military ruler Field Marshal Hussein Tantawy said on Sunday.
Body weights were recorded for 174 eligible infants (69 born to mothers who used a chimney stove and 105 to mothers who used an open fire during pregnancy within 48 hr of delivery.
It's important that residents lighting an open fire use a fire guard and get the flue of the chimney swept at least every 12 months - once every six months if burning wood on a regular basis.
WE'RE thinking of opening up our chimney so we can have an open fire but a friend suggested a stove would be better.
The local governor's spokesman said: "The security forces had to open fire when the protesters tried to force their way into the buildings.