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the policy of granting equal trade opportunities to all countries

freedom of access

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Then Miss Polly, seeing the open door and realizing that her words had been heard, gave a low little moan and--for the first time in her life--fainted dead away.
As the girl passed down through the hall, she went before open doors framing more eyes strangely microscopic, and sending broad beams of inquisitive light into the darkness of her path.
With the quick glance and fore-knowledge of a woman, Saxon saw, not merely the curious children clustering about, but the peering of adult faces from open doors and windows, and past window-shades lifted up or held aside.
Lord John ran the motor to the curb, and in an instant we had rushed through the open door of the house and up the staircase to the second-floor front room from which the signal proceeded.
Getting out of the car and leaving it by the curb, we walked with some difficulty along the crowded pavement of King William Street and entered the open door of a large insurance office.
Hussey hurried towards an open door leading to the kitchen, and bawling out clam for two, disappeared.
The fresh air that had come in through the open door made it easier to breathe, but the rushing sound overhead grew louder, and as I looked upward through the bars of my empty rack I saw a red light flickering on the wall.
AS I drew near the house I saw that the light shone from the open door of my room; and then I heard coming from out of the darkness at the side of that orange oblong of light, the voice of Montgomery shouting, "Prendick
Of how I had stood by the open door listening to his sweet breathing, had stood so long that I forgot his name and called him Timothy.
I stood rooted to the spot, with my face turned toward the moonlight streaming in at the open door.
Ms Bourdon said that in order to introduce the festival's audience to South Asian films and the cultural landscape of the region, a number of films are selected each year for the Open Door Screening, a non-competitive section of the Locarno Festival.
This year, Hoopoe Fiction re-released Latifa al-Zayyat's classic feminist novel The Open Door, in Marilyn Booth's compelling translation.
As our military continues to modernize through the integration of computer technologies into daily operations, the implementation of military policies using electronic means is the future of the Army, and the exercise of the universal policy letter #1: Commander's Open Door Policy, utilizing the existing army enterprise email infrastructure, is the first leap toward that future.
Open Door Clinic, a non-profit medical organization has been donated with software and services from Curve Dental, the leading developer of cloud-based dental software.
That's the total that members saved last year with The Home Depot through NAA's Open Door program.