open chain

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a chain of atoms in a molecule whose ends are not joined to form a ring

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Save your open chain movements for the therapeutic environment where joint stability and range of motion are the order of the day.
Senior Minds shall be promoting business partnerships to open chain of Schools in India and Asia region using TOC training tools that will be imparted to primary school teachers so that they can utilize the TOC concept in the delivery of education thereby nurturing the bright young minds of youngster at an early stage so that as they step into a adulthood they can practice and use TOC theory in their personal and academic lives .
Upstairs is Shooters, an American Sports bar of the type that only really exists in the minds of people who open chain pubs.
As for the position of hip joint, the following open chain equation can be used:
ACH-1625 is an open chain, non-covalent, reversible inhibitor of NS3 protease.