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a chain of atoms in a molecule whose ends are not joined to form a ring

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ACH-1625 is an open chain, non-covalent, reversible inhibitor of NS3 protease.
The closed and open chain concepts and the incorporation of kidneys from NDDs were not included.
An example of an open chain exercise would be the knee extension, whereas the lunge is closed chain.
The transport chain with open spring coils and an open chain guide profile without dead spaces were among the components that were developed in a completely new way.
Supporters of the ban say metal nets are dangerous and point to the injuries sustained by a young Walpole girl who seriously injured her hand on an open chain link while playing basketball.
Gordon got his first Thieman, a very early model with steel wheels and open chain case, in the 1950s.
The selection of conveyors includes enclosed chain models for light (up to 30kg) and medium (up to 100kg) duty applications; open chain models for medium to heavy (up to 200kg) and extra heavy duty (up to 550kg) applications.