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where the air is unconfined

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The Fire-son did not appear till everyone had assembled, and when he did, everyone fled outside to the open air, so intense was the heat he gave forth.
It must be as you please, monseigneur," replied the skipper Yves, respectfully; "but I don't believe that by the slope of the cavern, and in the dark in which we shall be obliged to maneuver our boat, the road will be so convenient as the open air.
Jones retired from the company, in which we have seen him engaged, into the fields, where he intended to cool himself by a walk in the open air before he attended Mr Allworthy.
But when she reached the open air, just as Nutty charged up, she saw by his face that it was anguish not joy that had spurred him on.
The work was not hard, it was done in common, in the open air, and for the children it was a long, delightful picnic; here the young men met the maidens; in the long evenings when work was over they wandered about the lanes, making love; and the hopping season was generally followed by weddings.
After a day in the open air, with the aromatic scent of the hops all round them, the happy pickers slept like tops.
Not in the least; or, rather, he did not exhibit it to me"--was the answer, with the same open air as before.
Her clear blue eyes resting on him in the fulness of filial affection, as she performed this office, and the open air with which she bent forward to receive the kiss he offered in thanks, removed any apprehensions which the name of their morning's companion might have excited.
InnoTrans has a unique feature that gives it an added advantage - the rail track and open air grounds, ideally linked to the rest of the fair.
A leading group for British Hindus has claimed the majority of its members are opposed to open air funeral pyres in this country.
Proxim Wireless is proud to deliver this solution for an advanced open air center like Bronk's Corners," said Amit Malhotra, Proxim Vice President of Marketing.
Tenders are invited for Providing and Fixing of open Air Gym Equipment in Various Parks of EDMCSH-1 Construction of Open Air Gym at Khichripur Village Akhara,SH-2 Const.
Contract notice: Ao 1498 - mission project supervision for the "barn quaE1/2dypre" to rebuild the same, with the materials and constructive principles of the time, on the site of the open air museum and the interior of a room allowing the developer to receive public (erp) for its use as a reception room.
This test solution will combine cabled, shielded and open air test environments to give equipment vendors a confidential, accurate and unbiased test environment for the improved conformance and interoperability of their products," said UNH-IOL VoX Consortium manager Gerard Goubert.