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incomprehensibility resulting from obscurity of meaning


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Clinton has to look less lawyerly and inject opaqueness into the debate, while Trump may need the charm offensive to avoid looking brash or contemptuous to protect the momentum he currently enjoyed.
This result suggests that while short sellers can predict rating downgrades generally, the opaqueness of an insurer's assets and liabilities can inhibit informed trading during the predowngrade period.
The same opaqueness hampers this version of the author's more recent spy thriller, a film that seems to delight in making you feel stupid.
Both Keith Goldston and Taylor Parsons noted a dense opaqueness, and Erik Segeibaum lyricized further about the wine's "brooding inky and dark" manner, "a veritable black hole.
There is justifiable dissatisfaction with the EU's sometimes wasteful and inefficient agricultural policy, its opaqueness and corruptions, but there is at least certainty.
But with the speed of the Tau 330, opaqueness of the white and laser cutting on the back end, we now have a distinct competitive advantage in the industrial and durable marketplace," McJury says, adding, "The reality of what happened though, is that moving jobs from screen to the Tau, new customers found us and we're experiencing enormous savings in both time and costs.
For the path of dialogue to succeed, opaqueness should give way to transparency.
Such opaqueness -- and incompetence -- only calcifies the deep distrust the public has in Dalieh's current owners.
He discusses the concept of learning as action, and intentions, foregrounds, and obstacles to learning math, and the opaqueness of mind, intentions, and foregrounds in learning.
Rather than recognizing that Iran's stalling tactics continue; or seeing Iran's nuclear opaqueness as the greatest obstacle to a good deal; or objecting to a deal that does not fully address Iran's past nuclear and ballistic missile research, the Obama administration has agreed to defer those issues to the ongoing IAEA work that Iran has stymied for more than a decade.
We want to develop a transparent policy because opaqueness leads itself to allegations ' '
I've interviewed a few in my time and the conversations rarely end well due to the opaqueness of their statements.
According to Ellerton Castor, CFO of Ontario Graphite, there is a degree of opaqueness surrounding how graphite is priced and the value-added nature of the mineral is critical to understanding the commodity.
It's eerie, rhythmic, sensuous and oddly addictive – the effortless cool of The Xx mixed with Alt–J's wilful opaqueness.