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incomprehensibility resulting from obscurity of meaning


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We've talked a lot about "transparency" in these pages, but there's the issue of its opposite as well: opaqueness.
My wife's disease, a very personal disease, is still shrouded in an opaqueness of uncertainty.
The success of nuclear deterrence ironically reinforced this trend toward opaqueness.
Private equity securities carry risks related to unclear ownership, market access and market opaqueness.
Some measures of firm-level opaqueness include rival bid-ask spreads, the proportion of assets that are intangible, and rival-analyst forecast dispersion.
Third, the anomie and opaqueness of post-coup periods has hid the financial abuses of the time.
In contrast, the upper part of the building loses its opaqueness, turning transparent with an effect similar to that of the pixels of digital images.
The Corporation has come under fire since the financial crisis because of its closeness to banking and its apparent opaqueness as an organisation, despite fundamentally being a public body, despite its other commercial interests.
Through the medium of watercolours and acrylics, the artist maintained balanced between transparency and opaqueness and the dark and light while in few works, she gave a touch of pastels to blend the techniques with softness of themes.
I was able to reach a range of depths from flat opaqueness of rich colour to an emotive watercolour wash.
Foreign and defense ministers from Japan and Australia agreed Friday to strengthen cooperation between the defense forces of the two countries, while addressing the opaqueness of China's military activities in a joint statement.
Since that time, some problems have been solved including light reflection from the ground, short period of paint stability on surface, being dirty, opaqueness of the runway surface, and the lack of sufficient sight for airplane landing.
Mrs Wood said: "We've been bullied because we went to the press about the rise in fees and the opaqueness of the HTCPL.
Global experience shows that opaqueness is a hotbed of corruption.
This has not stopped a fresh swathe of media commentary that the "R" doesn't deserve to be in the phrase BRIC as the return of President Putin and his early decisions appear to confirm another era of policy leadership shrouded in opaqueness and lack of clarity of purpose.