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Synonyms for opaque

Synonyms for opaque

not transmitting or reflecting light or radiant energy

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not clearly understood or expressed

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Exclusive to Veritiv, Starbrite Opaque Select is an uncoated opaque brand that delivers exceptional quality through a truly reliable, consistent product.
One woman said that every time she puts on her black opaques, her man insists that she takes them off.
In oscillatory portion, the transparent and opaque bands are periodically perpendicular to the stress loading direction.
The Opaque Polymer market analysis is provided for both the international and Chinese domestic situations including development trends, competitive landscape analysis, key regions development status and a comparison analysis between the international and Chinese markets.
Opaque polymer is a spherical pigment, with an outer shell comprised of hard, high [T.
In this article we show how, using run time exceptions, it is possible to notoriously increase opaque predicates' quality, indeed increasing the quality of overall obfuscation and the protection of intellectual property.
Ever since the Mary Quant style minidress made its allconquering comeback late last year, sales of opaque tights have been soaring and black opaques have become more ubiquitous than Hollyoaks cast members at restaurant launches.
A collection C of line segments in or on the boundary of S is said to be opaque if every straight line which crosses the square makes contact with at least one of the segments.
Aims: To compare, in vitro, the effect of placing opaque (OPS) and clear fluorescing (CFS) pit and fissure sealants (PFS) on the detection of occlusal caries (OCD).
It provides toughness to opaque sheet, profile, electrical conduit, and injection molding compounds.
Blue opaque tights, Violet opaque tights, Orange opaque tightspounds 5.
The product line offers excellent effects at low concentrations even in opaque or semi-opaque systems such as elastomers, rubber or filled polymers, company executives said.
You may know it as the lowest density building material ever which can be anything from transparent through translucent to opaque and has great insulation qualities.