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Synonyms for opaque

Synonyms for opaque

not transmitting or reflecting light or radiant energy

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not clearly understood or expressed

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Solid content 30% is the fastest-growing type of opaque polymer.
Flexeon--Water-based flexographic inks available in process colors, Pantone colors and opaque white for film and foil applications.
That is, fully opaque compounds showed a smaller boundary effect than did compounds with transparent head nouns.
Opaque cells reported to be more resistance to amphotericin B, nystatin, 5-fluorocytosine, and miconazole nitrate than white cells.
One woman said that every time she puts on her black opaques, her man insists that she takes them off.
In oscillatory portion, the transparent and opaque bands are periodically perpendicular to the stress loading direction.
Opaque polymer is a spherical pigment, with an outer shell comprised of hard, high [T.
The eyewear has lenses that alternate between clear and opaque states, producing a strobe experience.
It has one sheer plus an opaque blind on one roller.
Constructed in ultra-pure-grade polystyrene, the microplates are available in opaque white and solid black formats.
Conductive Compounds (Hudson, NH) announces a new radio opaque ink RO-593.
NET as a way to improve the quality of one of the building blocks of obfuscation: opaque predicates.
Mohawk Xpert Color Mixing System is a color mixing system for stains and opaque finishes.
Offering the same physical characteristics as standard opaque PVC, clear PVC is strong, lightweight, corrosion-free and chemically resistant to a wide range of fluids.
Ever since the Mary Quant style minidress made its allconquering comeback late last year, sales of opaque tights have been soaring and black opaques have become more ubiquitous than Hollyoaks cast members at restaurant launches.