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the visual property of something having a milky brightness and a play of colors from the surface


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Refractive error, ocular biometry, and lens opalescence in an adult population: The Los Angeles Latino Eye Study.
511002) of intravenous artesunate as administered to our case-patient (report available on request) confirmed acceptable drug concentration and showed that the opalescence observed after reconstitution was caused by precipitation of an impurity (representing 0.
Grade of cataract opalescence according to the Lens Opacities Classification System III Grade I 3 eyes (7.
Very high concentrations may cause a pungent taste and opalescence in alkaline water.
In a clinical study, the Philips Zoom in-office treatment provided over 50 percent better whit-ening results than Opalescence Boost, both immediately following the procedure, a week later and alter 30 days.
Opalescence Tooth Whitening System: Consists of a whitening gel that patients can wear in custom-made trays fabricated by their dentist.
In this photograph, little or no opalescence is observed, even for the 60% ESO sample, giving a clear evidence of the potential of these materials for optical applications.
It is almost as if much of the material in the chromosphere exists in a state of critical opalescence, that strange state wherein matter is not quite liquid and not fully gaseous [35].
Direct measurements may be also interfered by opalescence that results from the serum dilution or at the presence of oxyhaemoglobin in the neonatal serum, which is often hemolytic and absorbs light at the wavelength of 455nm.
A clever use of black opalescence in rings, pendants and a stunning cuff.
Since nanofluorapatite ceramics contain different concentrations of apatite crystals, they are responsible for greater control of the translucence, fluorescence, and opalescence (6,7) that allow natural light distribution for a balanced relationship between hue, value, and chrome, thus making nanofluorapatite similar to natural teeth.
Twain's Paterian word-painting, full of the opalescence of gilding and jewels, may have a similar bedazzling effect.
This matte, jet-black clay coupled with the thick milky opalescence of my stone and ash glaze is wonderfully romantic and nostalgic.
Opalescence is the ability of a translucent material to appear blue in reflected light and red-orange in transmitted light.
All that ultimately remains is achieving the emerging crown of the child's head, and for this he sees a gleaming opalescence he knows no palette could yield.