opal glass

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a milky white translucent or opaque glass


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Opal glass tableware from La Opala, shortlisted as one of the "most trusted brands" in the 2016 Brand Trust Report, is being lapped up by buyers looking for low-priced branded crockery.
The faces are set in a cast iron frame, 23ft (7m) in diameter, and there are a total of 312 pieces of opal glass.
com 3 Hinkley's Valley collection of 14 SKUs including the chandelier, here in a brushed nickel finish with etched opal glass, is also available in a vintage black finish.
It's 55cm wide with four bulbs and a chrome and opal glass wall bar.
A goblet-shaped white opal glass shade covers the bulb and hangs from a handsome fixture hand-finished in brass or antique nickel.
Light up the night with Hinkley Lighting's titanium Atlantis outdoor light, made of cast aluminum with satin opal glass.
And I have a bit of a thing for moonstone and opal glass.
Bulbous, sensuous Drop by Future Systems for Kundalini, a wall and ceiling lamp with an opal glass diffuser.
Pewter wall sconce with interchangeable rings and satin opal glass No.
What looks like white is really a variety of textures or white opal glass.
The Opal glass heart-shaped Treasure Box is available for sale through Fenton retail partners to all consumers and collectors.
The new facilities, which replace an older plant, mean that the market importance of opal glass from Momignies will increase significantly, company executives said.
5 ton framework of iron carrying 660 pounds of opal glass needed to withstand fierce wind pressures.
Researchers in Israel subsequently observed this so-called "memory" effect in laser light transmitted through a thin sheet of opal glass.