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a translucent mineral consisting of hydrated silica of variable color

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A few days after the incident of the opal ring, we were paying one of our frequent visits to the Lichtenberg Palace.
The sky was pure opal now, and the roofs of the houses glistened like silver against it.
Alert, dilating and contracting, as swift as cautious, and infinitely apprehensive, the pupils vertically slitted in jet into the midmost of amazing opals of greenish yellow, the eyes roved the room.
It is more precious than emeralds, and dearer than fine opals.
A mild pale moon rose behind the declivities of the coast, streaking at first the undulating ripples of the sea, which appeared to have calmed after the roaring it had sent forth during the vision of Athos - the moon, we say, shed its diamonds and opals upon the briers and bushes of the hills.
The Arangi's two masts were of Oregon cedar, so scraped and hot-paraffined that they shone like tan opals in the glare of sun.
From his high perch, one sees before him and below him, a wall of dreary mountains, shorn of vegetation, glaring fiercely in the sun; it fences in a level desert of yellow sand, smooth as velvet and threaded far away with fine lines that stand for roads, and dotted with creeping mites we know are camel-trains and journeying men; right in the midst of the desert is spread a billowy expanse of green foliage; and nestling in its heart sits the great white city, like an island of pearls and opals gleaming out of a sea of emeralds.
Customers paying with a credit card will be charged the same as an Adult Opal single trip ticket, which is based on the distance travelled.
Once installed, Opal serves a web page to anyone who accesses it through an Internet browser on any device with a microphone and speaker.
Muscat: In a display of great stamina and riding skills, Shabib Mahboob Al Balsuhi overcame stiff competition to emerge the champion of the Opal Mountain Bike Cross Country Race on Saturday.
In the play, three con artists set out to take advantage of the kind-hearted and reclusive Opal, who lives in an old mansion at the end of town.
The OPAL language searches for the layout patterns of both yield detractors and yield enhancers and then back annotates markers onto those patterns that will have an impact on manufacturing yield.
And South African animal welfare organisation the SPCA has begged zoo owner Brian Boswell to send Opal to Monkey World in Wareham, Dorset, where she could live with 18 other orang-utans.
Even if your name is a derivative of "Opal"; such as Opalette, Opalina, Opala, Opalus etc qualifies you for your opal gift.
There appeared to be no telltale 'chicken wire' pattern in the synthetic opal cabochons when viewed superficially with a 10x loupe.