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  • adj

Synonyms for oozy

of, relating to, or covered with slime

Synonyms for oozy

leaking out slowly

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Add a little more water to loosen the peas so that it has an oozy, risoA[degrees] tto consistency.
These additional materials, inside the levies of muscles of body, are, in fact, as some putrid oozy sites where kinds of microbes of some infectious diseases can grow.
Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln hold a seance to contact their recently dead fashionista faggot son, Willie; ghostly, AIDS-y mayhem ensues with spirit runway shows, oozy seroconversion.
That perfect, oozy egg sandwich is about all I remember of that movie.
reporter also recently tested the oozy, gelatinous polymer by wrapping some of it around his fingers, then striking them with a hammer--and remaining uninjured.
To keep it oozy longer, set it on a warmer (see page 98).
The man sure had a palate covered o'er / With brass or JL steel, that on the rocky shore / First broke the oozy oyster's pearly coat / And risk'd the living morsel down his throat," wrote John Gay (1685-1732), one of many poets since antiquity who became fascinated with the subject.
The menu boasts of such dishes as oozy triple cheese house burger, turkey burger, salmon, cheese fries and milk shakes, but all of it is done with panache.
Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.
After a sharp yank, the tool brings up a half-meter core of oozy, gray silt.
It was not just mud, but slimy, grasping, oozy, sticky black mud - stinking like an athlete's armpit after a marathon in the tropics.
It may have its share of creepy, oozy, alien tendrils, but what the film really grasps for is nothing less than the meaning of life and the limits of faith.
The truffles all have cheeky names like Oozy Boozy Caramel (a creamy caramel center surrounded by brandy milk chocolate ganache, encased in milk chocolate and rolled in toasted pecans), You Suck Lemon (fresh lemon white chocolate ganache covered in bittersweet chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar), and this writer's personal favorite, Gordito Picante (smooth cinnamony Mexican chocolate warmed with chili spices and surrounded in milk chocolate and toasted corn tortillas).
These are heavily worked canvases full of drips and oozy swaths of paint bleeding into one another that seduce the eye instead of shocking it.
But once we Americans put our personal twist on it, we end up with deep-fried dishes like chimichangas and fried tacos, processed sauces, and globs of oozy cheese.