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a thick-walled sexual spore that develops from a fertilized oosphere in some algae and fungi

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Generation A was represented by vegetative asexual bionts that produced zoospores; generation B by vegetative sexual bionts that produced oospores; and generation C by a rudimentary antithetic generation that developed from the fertilized oospore.
Mycelial growth, oospores and sporangia characteristics, size and shape differences in reproductive structures are used based on taxonomic keys of Waterhouse [7] and Stamps et al.
Cucurbits, solanaceae and legumes are all susceptible to this mold so testing the water source for the oospores that cause Phytophthora is highly recommended as well as not over-irrigating and controlling field drainage so as to not infect a neighboring field.
Sexually produced spores, called oospores, have a protective cell wall that allows them to live in the soil, infected stems, and tubers and still be viable the following season.