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We predict that females in better condition, that breed early in the season, that experienced greater food abundance, and/or higher ambient temperatures during oogenesis, produce heavier yolks.
Differential contributions of connexin37 and connexin43 to oogenesis revealed in chimeric reaggregated mouse ovaries.
The cytological features of the cells taking part in archegonial development and oogenesis in the fern Plagiogyrio euphlehia (Kunze) Mett.
Their topics include the evolution and taxonomy of snakes, oogenesis and early embryogenesis, viviparity and placentation, hormones and reproduction in free-ranging snakes, environmental and neuroendocrine control of reproduction in snakes, the sexual segment of the kidney, pheromones in snakes, offspring size variation, paternity patterns, and parental care in snakes.
Basic research on how the ovary interacts with the immune system, particularly in the early stages of oogenesis, how the oocyte and follicle interacts in fetal life, and how follicles might be protected from damage in the case of immune self-attack are all fruitful avenues of clinically applicable work that may lead to treatments for the most vexing reproductive disorders.
This observed reduction in fecundity suggests that humoral antibodies, somehow, interfere with the normal process of oogenesis as the ovarian proteins/ insect vitellogenins are synthesized by the female fat body and are transferred in the hemolymph; these vitellogenins are then selectively sequestered to the developing oocytes by receptor mediated endocytosis and are stored in yolk granules (24).
In oogonia, both centrioles are lost or reduced during oogenesis.
When old-aged adult hermaphrodites are depleted of sperm and oogenesis arrests, P granules and several cytoplasmic RNAs and proteins aggregate into large foci in the oocytes.
Scanning electron microscopic study of oogenesis in the armored catfish Hypostomus ancistroides IHERING 1911 (PISCES, LORICARIIDAE).
This collection of nine papers describes aspects of stem cell research, including the application of stem cells and progenitor cells and vascular diseases, gas transcription factors and T cell development from hematopoietic stem cells, protein tyrosine phosphatase Shp-5 in cyyokine signaling and stem cell regulation, stem cells for neural tissue engineering, natural stem cell niche-dependency, potential applications of human umbilical cord stem cells in Whartons's jelly for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease, human oogenesis and follicular retrieval from ovarian somatic stem cells and applications of gastric stem cells and the use of fibrocytes, mesenchymal stem cells and monocytes in research.
The better we understand the interaction networks involved in oogenesis, the more rational our approach will be to modulate bovine fertility.
This should result in an increase in the energy available for other activities such as oogenesis, territorial defense, predator avoidance, and reproduction.
The transfer of materials that could accelerate oogenesis can also be ruled out on the basis of similar egg sac formation times across the copulation duration treatments.