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of the darkest achromatic visual value

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a chalcedony with alternating black and white bands

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Onyx Software is a worldwide leader in customer management and process software for mid- and large-size enterprises.
Indeed, Onyx has achieved a number of accomplishments since becoming part of the M2M Holdings family of companies, including making a return to profitability and posting strong third-quarter results, delivering the controlled release of architecture-rich Onyx Version 6.
We are extremely pleased that Glass Lewis recommends that Onyx shareholders vote for the M2M transaction and we encourage our shareholders to vote for the merger with M2M ahead of the special meeting on August 1," said Janice P.
Onyx's refusal to discuss making reasonable accommodation to allow CDC to conduct due diligence in connection with negotiating a merger agreement and pre-conditioning any such discussion on the following (1) reaching agreement on the form of merger agreement, (2) satisfying Onyx with respect to the financial ability of CDC to consummate the tender offer and (3) CDC committing to a timeline ending Tuesday evening on July 25, 2006 PST.
1-percent premium to the five-day closing average ending 60 days prior to the announcement of the M2M-Onyx deal," ISS stated that "(w)e believe that it is appropriate to also consider Onyx's share price around the time when CDC made its first and second unsolicited bids to acquire Onyx in addition to when Onyx identified itself as a possible target for acquisition.
CDC also has not expressed any willingness to enter into a definitive merger agreement on terms substantially similar to, or more favorable to Onyx than, those reflected in the M2M Merger Agreement, which has been publicly available since June 6, 2006.
When you are attempting to unite all the elements of a rapidly growing enterprise, a CRM solution needs to able to adapt to a company, not vice versa," said Todd Chambers, chief marketing officer of Onyx Software.
In connection with the proposed transaction, on June 16, 2006, Onyx filed a preliminary proxy statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
Onyx is prohibited by the terms of its definitive merger agreement with M2M from participating in any discussions or negotiations regarding a possible transaction or furnishing to CDC any due diligence information, unless the Onyx board of directors reasonably determines in good faith, after consultation with its financial advisor and its outside counsel, that the CDC announcement constitutes or would reasonably be expected to lead to a transaction that is superior to the definitive agreement with M2M.
Subject to CDC Software being granted the opportunity to conduct and complete due diligence to its satisfaction, under the terms of CDC Software's new proposal, each Onyx shareholder would have a choice to receive, for each Onyx share, consideration consisting of either (a) all-cash or (b) cash-and-shares in CDC Corporation.
The new Onyx system connects KMBT headquarters in Tokyo with sales and service operations in Japan, the United States, Germany, Australia and China.
Onyx Process Management--a robust and flexible business process management platform announced in April 2005--enables customers to rapidly automate and manage customer-facing processes using business rules and cross-platform integration technology.