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separation of a nail from its normal attachment to the nail bed

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An almost-clear nail was one with 10% or less clinical involvement, with minimal onycholysis and subungual hyperkeratosis, Dr.
One of the causes of onycholysis is nail polish infection caused by cement used in attaching artificial nails.
Note the distortion of the nail before treatment (left) and the resolution of onycholysis and discoloration after 4 months of systemic therapy (right).
The NAPSI scoring system evaluates nail bed psoriasis and nail matrix psoriasis by area of involvement in the nail unit and assesses eight characteristic features of psoriatic nail involvement, including pitting, leukonychia (discoloration), nail plate crumbling, red spots in the lunula (crescent-shaped area at bottom of nail), onycholysis (separation of nail from nail bed), nail bed hyperkeratosis (thickening of skin), splinter hemorrhages and oil drop discoloration.
Common manifestations of Thyrotoxicosis Symptoms Signs Heat intolerance Goiter Excessive sweating Hyperkinesis Palpitations Hyperreflexia Hyperdefecation Tachycardia Hyperphagia Lid retraction Nervousness Lid lag Weakness Ophthalmopathy Weight loss Dermopathy Onycholysis Velvety skin Tremor Warm, moist palms Gynecomastia Proximal muscle weakness TABLE 3.
Seven years ago, I was told that I have onycholysis and that there is no cure.
It is seen primarily in immunocompromised hosts who already have onycholysis, which creates a warm, moist, dark environment underneath the nail plates.
Nails also are affected by the hormonal changes of pregnancy with most women experiencing brittle nails, although some may be diagnosed with distal onycholysis, a separation of the nail plate from the underlying nail bed.
The nails frequently become hypertrophic with onycholysis during the initial stages.
Candida may be a secondary invader in onycholysis and chronic paronychia (Figure 5).
Other toxicities that were encountered that were felt to be possibly related to the use of IRESSA included conjunctivitis, onycholysis, anorexia, weight loss, and AST and ALT elevation.
Of the 26 patients treated with topical urea alone or in the combination, 3 had maceration, 2 had ingrown toenails, 1 had onycholysis, and 1 had transverse nail fissures, said Dr.
Nail changes: typical psoriatic nail dystrophy, including onycholysis, pitting, and hyperkeratosis observed on current physical examination.
Patients with PsA also can present with erythroderma, psoriasis, onycholysis, conjunctivitis/iritis, and valvular heart disease.