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in a forward direction

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When they reached the place where they had killed Hector's scout, Ulysses stayed his horses, and the son of Tydeus, leaping to the ground, placed the blood-stained spoils in the hands of Ulysses and remounted: then he lashed the horses onwards, and they flew forward nothing loth towards the ships as though of their own free will.
Ulysses beat them with his bow and they flew onward to the ships of the Achaeans.
There were three excellent off-shoots, like huge rungs of a ladder, above my head, and a tangle of convenient branches beyond, so that I clambered onwards with such speed that I soon lost sight of the ground and had nothing but foliage beneath me.
And kissing her sad mouth he again led her onwards.
Broken in heart and numbed, he had nothing to hurry for; but he wished to get out of a town which had been the scene of such an experience, and turned to walk to the first station onward, and let the train pick him up there.
Below, the black tossing sea was churned into phosphorescent spray, as the steamer drove onwards into the night.
The fuller looked sadly and gravely at him; but finding that he still laughed, he bowed with much mock politeness and stalked onwards in his borrowed clothes.
No one can conceive the variety of feelings which bore me onwards, like a hurricane, in the first enthusiasm of success.
Moving quickly onwards for weeks together, we meet with nothing but the same blue, profoundly deep, ocean.
onwards followed immediately by its Hindi translation.
Other Christmas light switch-ons in Redcar and Cleveland, include: New Marske - Friday 30th November from 5pm onwards Saltburn - Saturday 1st December from 5pm onwards Guisborough - Tuesday 4th December from 4pm onwards Marske - Thursday 6th December from 6pm onwards.
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