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(computer science) a rigorous and exhaustive organization of some knowledge domain that is usually hierarchical and contains all the relevant entities and their relations

the metaphysical study of the nature of being and existence

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Bear (2012) makes a similar argument, drawing water's agency together with that of other non-human actors to highlight the multi-dimensional ontology of seas and oceans.
1) In the penultimate section we identify tentative proposals for advancing water governance approaches based on a networked dialogue among multiple water ontologies, before concluding with how our discussion advances theorizations of and practical approaches to water and its governance, as well as debates on ontology.
The most important is step 1: what the scope is, clearly defining the audience and bounds of the ontology that you are about to create, making it easier to stay on point.
There is a uniform resource locator (URL) that goes to the created ontology for the reader to see the completed project.
Especially, we are more focusing the domain based ontology because it is a critical resource to lead the text classification and topic extraction.
This process, also called individual classification, refers to ontology realization.
The IITM team delivered a reengineered OWL/RDF ontology that contained the knowledge in the existing KL-ONE ontology.
The combination of Ontology Systems' expertise in mapping complex, cross-domain, multi-layer network topologies with Exfo's end-to-end service assurance and real-time 3D analytics solutions will deliver a truly comprehensive view across physical, virtual and hybrid networks.
Web ontology language (OWL) lineage can be drawn from the framework for representing knowledge introduced in 1975 by Minsky as the semi-structured data model.
If an existing ontology does not meet the need, chapter five provides the methodology to build a custom ontology and suggests tools to use.
Ontology learning is a task of information extraction.
c) the model analysis of an united ontology has been developed special for realization of the method last step.
The main objective of this paper is to show the AONET ontology network and discuss in detail the ontologies that conceptualize the assessment domain.
Ontology Systems uses graph-data and semantic modeling to create an end-to-end dynamic view of the network topology and services.
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