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(computer science) a rigorous and exhaustive organization of some knowledge domain that is usually hierarchical and contains all the relevant entities and their relations

the metaphysical study of the nature of being and existence

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The fuzzy formal concept analysis was used in automatic generation of ontology for scholarly semantic web.
There is no common Workflow ontology (or common process ontology) that enables a common understanding of the models between the actors that wish to interoperate.
However, he did not abandon the ontology approach; rather, the ontology is surrounded by contextual knowledge.
While constructing ontology, this article adopts the top-bottom confirmation method, in which the ontology domain is confirmed firstly, then the events in the domain are confirmed, and finally, the information in the events is confirmed.
Finalize LOINC Clinical Document Ontology Implementation Guide for ballot - Target: August 2013(August 4th deadline)
In the context of process ontology, domain ontology presents information, which is used as input or output of a process.
In the above literature, ontology and agent communication required for the manufacturing domain have not been completely specified.
He says that in much the same way, definitions of pain and especially of chronic pain need to be much more precise; ontology provides methods of distinguishing among categories and describing data in uniform and formal ways.
Computational ontology is normally expressed in the linked triple data format of two nodes related to each other by an edge.
Many ontology development methodologies have been proposed as well as various languages and tools for their practical use (Gomez Perez et al.
Abstract: The aim of the paper is create ontology for the automation device.
He endorses this sacramental ontology as a corrective to what he believes was an erosion of sacramentality in both Catholic and Protestant theology following the Reformation.
Formal ontology in information systems; proceedings.
This update revises many aspects of the ontology based on two years of applied experience.
Researchers are studying ways to improve knowledge consistency by organizing domain concepts within an ontology, which formally represents exchangeable and explicit concepts and relationships (Attou & Moessner, 2007; Gruber, 1993; Magro & Goy, 2008).
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