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(computer science) a rigorous and exhaustive organization of some knowledge domain that is usually hierarchical and contains all the relevant entities and their relations

the metaphysical study of the nature of being and existence

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And while systematic theology's conceptual schemes might well be further removed from those of doctrinal theology, they can also be a faithful development of the ontological judgment of the doctrinal formulation.
This quote of Aristotle's encapsulates the idea of Ontological Leadership.
Thomas to relate incorruptibility to natural desire should be understood in a logical, rather than a causal sense; second, that the notion of a natural desire should be understood in an ontological rather than a subjective psychological sense; and third, that the claim about the relationship between natural desire and incorruptibility should be seen as a claim about what is entailed by the ontology of human souls as substantial forms, not as a claim about the validity of natural desires in psychological terms.
The World Wide Web Consortium is involved in this endeavor of creating smart, understanding programs and ontological databases by developing OWL (Web Ontological Language).
The disputants in a metaphysical argument only differ over which of the available truth-conditionally equivalent ontological languages they are speaking--"the doctrine says that there is no uniquely best ontological language with which to describe the world" (xii); the quantifiers, and related expressions, are variable.
Section four, through an empirical study of large Spanish firms, identifies the ontological supports of knowledge.
This paper will attempt to bring together these two very different areas of inquiry: the scientific formulation of the climate change problematic, and the ontological investigation ("the question of being," as Heidegger would say) that arises in a striking way--arises, as I will try to show, necessarily--along with this problematic.
In its brevity and narrow focus on music, Donelan's critique is limited as a contribution to Hegel scholarship, especially since it doesn't address the implications of the critique for Hegel's ambitious ontological and historical claims for aesthetics and for self-consciousness.
The recognition of a multilevel ontology entails a fundamental discontinuity of the ordering principles for each ontological level.
The volume opens with the invited talks from the conference, discussing ontological lessons from the semantics of mass and count nouns, ontological diversity and representations of space, and knowledge driven software and fractal tailoring in development environments for clinical systems.
Nationality and religion enhance identity and are an answer to ontological security.
Dawkins doesn't simply attack Thomas Aquinas' five proofs for the existence of God, along with the ontological and other a priori arguments.
It is based on an ontological anthropology, especially Tim Ingold's approach of dwelling in the world, which promotes a revisting of animism through a cosmocentric approach.
Benjamin's line is ontological, the condition of existence as exemplified by .
Furthermore your magazine encompasses the widest scope regarding mankind and his ontological purpose of attaining eternal life with God forever.