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H-FABP and LEPR gene expression profile in skeletal muscles and liver during ontogenesis in various breeds of pigs.
The sculpturing of tegument also retains the same pattern and become denser through ontogenesis.
In addition, it is likely that this species enhances its capacity to interact with the environment during ontogenesis, because of the increase in sensory structures.
Characteristic features of the effect of Cu and Zn mixtures on rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss in ontogenesis, Polish Journal ofEnvironmental Studies 17: 291 -293.
The very concept of organic development," Gigante suggests, "indicated by the German word Bildung (meaning something like education, acculturation, and ontogenesis bound up together), merges the diverse fields of biology and aesthetics.
We also report for the first time preliminary data on the vocal ontogenesis of the Eurasian Stone-curlew.
1,2) Although these 9 transcription factors control the development of a wide range of organs, the roles of PAX2 and PAX8 in ontogenesis are distinctively similar.
In Hodgson's own words, ontogeny, or ontogenesis, is "the development of a particular organism from a set of given and unchanging genes" (p.
Ontogenesis and grammatics: Functions of metalanguage in pedagogical discourse.
Suggesting that tumor cells require persistence expression of ontogenesis to maintain their transformed phenotype [21].
Morphological and phsiological characteristics of ontogenesis in pot marigold (Calendula officinalis L.
These novel gene targets provide additional insight into the specific molecular mechanisms associated with established Pb-induced functional alterations, including genes related to neuronal ontogenesis and synapse formation and function.
In this article, I look at identity as a recurrent theme in C&T studies by attempting to trace in a purposeful sample the ontogenesis of identity, from the rise of identity in SLA research, to learners' identity, student-teachers' identity, and finally teachers' identity as transformative pedagogy.
Neuro-developmental processes in the ontogenesis and epigenesis of psychopathology.
Most scientists emphasize FMS as inevitable factors in human development during ontogenesis.