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However, in relation to conditions of breeding in the early ontogenesis, degrees of manifestations of these reactions are distinct.
On the one hand, the focus upon ontogenesis leaves out the impact of sociohistorical components in individual development.
The study of individual development is based on the concept of ontogenesis discrete description [2, 9-11].
But if you focus on ontogenesis, then everything there is, that you recognize as a thing, is a particular place, a particular moment of emerging differentiation.
If the ontogenesis of language in any way reflects its phylogenesis, then Vygotsky's remark is pertinent to the question of the role of imaginability in language evolution: "The child prefers the real apple to the imaginary one," yet "it is the imagined apple that will play the crucial role in linguistic meaning" (Vygotsky 1987a, p.
Ontogenesis stages (fetus, 7-day-old, and 5-month-old) significantly affect the mRNA expression of H-FABP in porcine (Li et al.
The Ontogenesis of Musical Behaviour: A Sociological Perspective.
In addition, some authors report enzyme changes during the ontogenesis of fish, suggesting that specific types of protease could be produced at a specific fish age by means of fish ontogenesis (Torrissen, 1987; Kuz'mina, 1996; Bassompierre et al.
Nevertheless, if first larvae show tubercles, there is a tendency of increasing complexity of the cephalic and marginal tubercles through ontogenesis (Livingstone 1976; May 1977; Montemayor & Dellape 2010; Guidoti & Barcellos 2013; but see Guidoti & Montemayor 2014 for exceptions).
Tal reificacion opera en las representaciones colectivas y se interioriza durante la ontogenesis (en los primeros anos de la vida).
Ontogenesis, Differentiation and Precocious Germination in Anther-derived Somatic Embryos of Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.
The concept suggests an outside-inside-outside process of development: "prototypically starting in ontogenesis from the development of interpersonal trust (outside; i.
from Hawaii, and individuals from both localities undergo marked morphological changes during ontogenesis.