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not offside

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I didn't know if I was onside or offside but I agree totally now that I was onside," Iheanacho said.
The Foxes striker, who has struggled for form and goals since his summer switch from Manchester City, said: "I didn't know if I was onside or offside but Riyad told me that I was onside, so what I concentrated on was the goal.
OnSide already runs the successful Factory Youth Zone in Harpurhey, which has been credited with helping to cut truancy rates and boost the confidence - and school results - of the hundreds of youngsters who use it.
OnSide helps improve commercial vehicle safety by alerting drivers to the potential of a side collision with a vehicle traveling in a trucks blind spot, an area in the adjacent lane which drivers cannot see in rearview or side view mirrors.
to and Caretaker boss Black (left) said: "We have to try to get the fans back onside and the only way we can do that, and I've explained this to the players, is by doing it on the pitch.
And after Alan Hutton was sent off for two bookable offences late on temporary boss Black said: "We have to get the supporters back onside and the only way to do that is by doing it on the pitch.
I'd have to say I thought Ryan Kent's goal was onside and, having watched it back several times, I know it was - which is frustrating, of course, but it's the same in any game, particularly at the top end in the Premier League where it's very fine margins.
It is a bit confusing with the new rule, but Ameobi was onside when he played the ball.
The replays suggest I was onside so it should have stood.
Organised by Onside Partners, the DDRR is a sporting event for the UAE community.
Organised by Onside Partners, the Dubai Desert Road Run (DDRR) is a sporting event for the UAE community.
1990: FIFA announced the first change in football's offside law for 65 years when they ruled players level with defenders would be onside.
This purchase of a video game streaming company, one where gameplay is uploaded to the site for others to watch you play, looks like another mega deal to get subscribers onside.
In the midst of the most manic minute of the season, Gostkowski perfectly executed an onside kick, sending the ball down the middle of the field the necessary 10 yards to the Cleveland 40, where teammate Kyle Arrington recovered it to set up a wild Patriots win.
With an onside kick, the team that has just scored attempts to retain possession by attempting to kick the ball favourably for them instead of punting the ball long as per norm.