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Synonyms for onomatopoetic

imitating sounds

Synonyms for onomatopoetic

of or relating to or characterized by onomatopoeia


(of words) formed in imitation of a natural sound

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For continued warring to be acceptable for Americans, rapidly increased numbers of their troops must achieve quick, desired devastation of enemy forces consonant with swiftly moving, destructive waters of the onomatopoetic shih in Chinese martial lore.
In EES the term haalikuliselt ajendatud 'phonetically motivated' has been used to cover onomatopoetic and descriptive stems without making distinction between them.
In a somewhat different vein, Cabre communicates Ciset's remorse by punctuating the character's thoughts with the onomatopoetic flap, which imitates the sound of Elvira's body hitting the bottom of the grave he has dug.
10) Nel observes, too, that Scholastic has altered idioms and phrases that fall within "three categories: words explained by their context, words that have a similar meaning in the States, and onomatopoetic words.
For example at NYU, the teacher would demonstrate the rhythm, and give them the onomatopoetic phrase.
Hoewel Jensma se eerste twee bundels swaar steun op die gebruik van taalvermenging--'n kombinasie van "Tswana talk, tsotsi talk, ole southern blues talk, LM strip talk, onomatopoetic talk, and both English and Afrikaans", om vir Gray aan te haal (1973b)--bevat where white is the colour, where black is the number die meeste Afrikaanse gedigte en veral in die reeks "chant of praise for the idi amin dada" in i must showyou my clippings maak Jensma meer van Franse, Duitse en Nederlandse aanhalings gebruik:
There may be an onomatopoetic dimension here, but there is a correspondence in Indus Kohistani cicu 'a small boy's penis'.
Following these two chapters on vocal development is an interesting chapter that reviews both the early work of the Hailmans and the Fickens in the 1980s and 1990s, along with more recent research on the information content of the onomatopoetic "chick-a-dee" call.
Their unusual name is onomatopoetic, their song sounding something like a staccato "chuck-chuck-chukar-chukar.
The title of this volume, Pika-Pika, is a Japanese onomatopoetic expression for the flashing of fireflies, an image, the editor tells us, that uniquely captures the special quality of the life that the book honors.
The use of the frame moving on/going forward and all its permutations are onomatopoetic from a cultural point of view.
All words that end with a heavy syllable have final stress, except for a few forms of reduplicated shapes and onomatopoetic words, which stress the penultimate despite the final heavy syllables.
If students need help, suggest some other onomatopoetic words, such as splash, chirp, squeak, roar, ding, dong, etc.
Even his name, "Buz," an onomatopoetic construction that, when spoken aloud, imitates what it denotes--in this case, rumor and gossip, that is, "a buzz of talk"--alludes to this function (American Heritage Dictionary 222).
Johnson's SNOW SOUNDS: AN ONOMATOPOETIC STORY (0618473106, $16.