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Synonyms for onomatopoetic

imitating sounds

Synonyms for onomatopoetic

of or relating to or characterized by onomatopoeia


(of words) formed in imitation of a natural sound

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bird's common call, a new, onomatopoetic constellation of sounds
Composed by Derek Charke, the new score combines Tanya Tagaq's extraordinary throat singing, wailing, and onomatopoetic vocal rhythms with the powerful improvisational accompaniment of Jesse Zubot on violin and viola and Jean Martin on drums.
Utilizing amazing onomatopoetic texts and stunning illustrations, amphibians from a variety of continents are brought to life in their habitats through their songs and sounds.
We also encounter the sound work that lilts and chimes throughout the collection, the alliterative "lupus and lawsuits, lying stranded between nations," the onomatopoetic "burring of trains / that never arrive," the tongue-rolling exercise of the closing two lines:
Stems of unknown origin, onomatopoetic and descriptive stems
In some peripheral morphological classes (particles, onomatopoetic words, etc.
For instance, many recognize the onomatopoetic dynamic within the word growl, but there is more.
For Eliot, though, there is apotheosis because the last section "What the Thunder Said" contains a variety of noise: From the "cicada / And dry grass singing" to the "Murmur of maternal lamentation," from the "Tolling reminiscent bells" to the cock's "Co co rico co co rico," all of which are punctuated by the thunder's onomatopoetic "DA," a cacophony disrupts The Waste Land's silence (Eliot 66-69).
The lapping sound is given musicality by the onomatopoetic word choice in Italian, sciabordare, and at the same time connects the past and the present through this word/sound.
The term is "an onomatopoetic word intended to evoke the sound of the lorry engines that brought (Madheruka) to Gokwe.
Unlike meter, which in modern vernacular languages often required going against both the grain of everyday language and its onomatopoetic power, "melody" or "imitative harmony" was immediately accessible.
When you think about it, "get" is somewhat onomatopoetic, no?
In a somewhat different vein, Cabre communicates Ciset's remorse by punctuating the character's thoughts with the onomatopoetic flap, which imitates the sound of Elvira's body hitting the bottom of the grave he has dug.
10) Nel observes, too, that Scholastic has altered idioms and phrases that fall within "three categories: words explained by their context, words that have a similar meaning in the States, and onomatopoetic words.
For example at NYU, the teacher would demonstrate the rhythm, and give them the onomatopoetic phrase.