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Synonyms for onomatopoeia

the formation of words in imitation of sounds


Words related to onomatopoeia

using words that imitate the sound they denote

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BEIRUT: A barely audible "Hi" escaped the lips of the timid young woman on stage, as she faced the crowd packed tightly into cafe and cultural space Onomatopoeia.
Pamela Allen does lots of onomatopoeia in her books so that we know how Mr McGee is feeling
Sam Auguste, managing director at Onomatopoeia Post, a Hardman Street-based post production company, said: "The BFC's visit to Liverpool with the US familiarisation trip is a great opportunity to promote companies such as mine to international film and television clients and to highlight the depth of post production talent available in the north of England.
Imagine such a language, sprinkled with onomatopoeia.
The design of the fonts and layout, using techniques of onomatopoeia, will support beginner readers in their attempts to decode the words while interacting in a playful way with the narrative itself.
The second class will require students to write poems using Hangeul onomatopoeia.
Children will especially enjoy sounding out the onomatopoeia in the singsong lyrics.
Bring literary forms such as onomatopoeia, similes, metaphors, and alliteration into easy use and demonstration.
The overuse of onomatopoeia reduces most of the action scenes to a series of repetitive and capitalized BEAMS and BANGS.
Except buzz, and other onomatopoeia," her dad chimed in.
The lesson was followed up with some written work including the use of adjectives and onomatopoeia to support the topic and encourage the children to reflect upon the recreation of a famous event in history.
The word "Chickadee" is considered onomatopoeia and shouldn't be fully sung.
Young train fanatics will love the vivid colors and onomatopoeia of each scene (the HISS of steam) and the skillfully painted watercolors and highly detailed depictions of railway history, from pictures of laborers to passengers and landscapes.
Among the topics are a grammatical sketch, segmental phonology, nominal and adjectival compounds, ideophones and onomatopoeia, postpositions and adverbials, verbal derivation, verb phrases and predicate structure, relativization and clause nominalization, clause chaining and subordination, quotative constructions, and grammatical pragmatics.
The abundant use of Japanese onomatopoeia poses difficulties not only to foreigners, but also to translators and teachers of Japanese.