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Synonyms for onomatopoeia

the formation of words in imitation of sounds


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using words that imitate the sound they denote

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Onomatopoeia is of course an essential part of ideophones.
Almost an onomatopoeia for the gum in your mouth but not at all for the rubbery, chewable substance made by Trident.
Among the topics are a grammatical sketch, segmental phonology, nominal and adjectival compounds, ideophones and onomatopoeia, postpositions and adverbials, verbal derivation, verb phrases and predicate structure, relativization and clause nominalization, clause chaining and subordination, quotative constructions, and grammatical pragmatics.
Although often deemed but a literary device, onomatopoeia may be--as Osborn observed--subtle means to evince animation orally and aurally.
You're using poetic devices like alliteration and repetition and onomatopoeia.
The language, full of repetition, rhyme, alliteration and onomatopoeia begs to be read aloud with audience participation.
In the report, Takuma names the case as "busubusu incident," using a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of a knife stabbing.
The onomatopoeia says it all, really, rather like the modern Mandarin 'mao' (rising tone, please, otherwise it means 'ten cents' in a falling tone and 'hair' in that hesitant 'ye-es' tone of which speakers of the northern Chinese dialects boast.
Even Lichtenstein's use of onomatopoeia is a linguistic equivalent of Whaam
Full of rhymes and onomatopoeia, this lively and lyrical show features catchy songs and plenty of interactive, hands-on adventure for children of all learning abilities.
The redolent tonalities conveyed in Osundare's verse are produced through a deployment and application of phono-aesthetic elements as lexical matching, repetition, parallelism, tonal counterpoint, consonances, assonances, alliteration, and other allied sound symbols and images such as ideophones and onomatopoeia.
And he presents this cast through their thoughts, punctuated by bursts of pure onomatopoeia - as Nestor's boat goes SMACK on the water and the music in the strip club goes BEAT thung.
Wolfe presents this cast through their thoughts, punctuated by bursts of pure onomatopoeia, such as Nestor's boat goes "smack" on the water and the music in the strip club goes "beat thung".
Written in free verse, Senior's text reads like a sing-song conversation sprinkled with repetition, onomatopoeia, lists and different types of rhyme (e.