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didymus decreased the cell membrane injury through reduction of fungal infection and/or inducing the resistance of onion plant against the infection Significant decrease in the protein content in leaves as a result of pathogen infection might be attributed to degradation of the host proteins by the proteolytic enzymes secreted by the pathogens (Tamuli el al.
Six alternate rows including intercrops and onion were planted in each plot, which counts 50 onion plants and 25 plants of intercrops in each row.
Distribution and incidence of Iris yellow spot virus in Colorado and its relation to onion plant population and yield.
Onion plants are biennial, meaning that they live for two years.
This pest over-winters in the soil and emerges as a fly, which lays small white eggs in the soil near an onion plant.
According to Alejo, farmers were advised to refrain from over-application of pesticide to onion plants, which they have been doing in attempts to kill army worms, because it would entail more problems in the future like pest immunity from the chemicals.
The tops of bulb onion plants fall over naturally once the bulbs have matured.
The tests at the ARC research station using onion plants showed crop yields increased more than 40% and water use decreased by more than 60%, when compared to the commonly used surface irrigation approach that distributes water in an uncontrolled way along the soil surface.
A 50-foot row of onion plants and sets can produce 50 pounds of mature onions for use in canning, pickling, and long-term storage.
Structural traits on the surface of the leaves, such as cuticle and cell wall thickness, accumulation of cuticular waxes, roughness, and the number of stomata, can be related to the resistance of onion plants to T.
If you bend over the green tops of onion plants, will the onion grow bigger?
Crop Irrigation: Crop first watered instantly after transplanting sets or sowing seeds and later watering must be given at 7 to 10 days interval, Irrigation should be stopped before neck fall of Onion plants.
Effect of potassium fertilizer and foliar spraying with Etherel on plant development, yield and bulb quality of onion plants (Allium cepa L), Journal of Applied Sciences Research, 9(2): 1140-1146.
When onion plants grown in the field were fertilized with sulfur, their S-propyl cysteine sulfoxides and Smethyl cysteine sulfoxide levels were more than double those of fertilized plants [13].