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a dome that is shaped like a bulb

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After harsh criticism from locals, the onion dome was rebuilt, but it is not like the original.
By the time this is done the onion dome will be hot which means the steam has spiralled up the column.
The 5-foot statue of a rearing stallion, the Rampant Colt, stood atop the onion dome over Colt's Hartford, Conn.
At Brunswick Street, the 1892 Adelphi Bank, later the Co-operative Bank (and now Caffe ner o) has a soaring corner turret with a green copper onion dome.
When the water is boiling the onion dome is carefully removed and approximately 500 g of the fresh flowers and leaves are placed in the 7 litres of boiling water.
A fractured mesh bauble resembling a traditional onion dome crowns the top of the tower.
The top of the church, a single onion dome if the church is small, or one large dome and four smaller ones if the church is large, is like the pointed rock, but of course is definite, a core of space in the sky, developing from the solidly enclosed space below, contracting above the roof, swelling into a light volume and contracting to a point.
The onion dome was chosen for visual as well as structural reasons.
The Russian influence is evident to this day, notably in this small, octagonal church with its onion dome, painted bright blue and white.
Russian Orthodox Cathedral - The six golden onion dome tops are a feature on the skyline.
Eccentric architect Amon Henry Wilds, who designed many of the town's fashionable squares, recreated the onion dome, arched windows and ornate minarets in his miniature version.
At the main square opposite the onion dome church we sampled the speciality Cretan lamb pie with mint sauce.
1 RED SQUARE, MOSCOW The country's iconic square didn't get its name from the colour of its politics but because Saint Basil's Cathedral, with its colourful onion domes, was described as Krasnaya, which means both beautiful and red in Russian.
The onion domes on the old Russian Orthodox churches are an absolute giveaway.