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And very soon the parrot saw them again, coming up behind, dragging the onions through the waves in big nets made of seaweed.
The place was a sort of store-house; containing bags of potatoes and baskets of carrots, onions and turnips.
Danglars felt his own not to be very well supplied just then, and gradually the man appeared less ugly, the bread less black, and the cheese more fresh, while those dreadful vulgar onions recalled to his mind certain sauces and side-dishes, which his cook prepared in a very superior manner whenever he said, "Monsieur Deniseau, let me have a nice little fricassee to-day.
A reddish, hook-nosed man, with a jaunty, wicked look, came and smiled upon me in the friendliest fashion; the smell of onions became more than I knew how to endure.
Poppets brought the tray in, and we drew up to the table, and toyed with a little steak and onions, and some rhubarb tart.
A pleasant odour of onions and hot ham, mingled with fried fish and greens, greeted him at the bottom of the ladder; and then the steward came up with an oily smile, and said:
Cornelius admitted only the inoffensive broom of an old Frisian housekeeper, who had been his nurse, and who from the time when he had devoted himself to the culture of tulips ventured no longer to put onions in his stews, for fear of pulling to pieces and mincing the idol of her foster child.
I need no more be afraid lest on the day of a riot the shopkeepers of the town and the sailors of the port should come and tear out my bulbs, to boil them as onions for their families, as they have sometimes quietly threatened when they happened to remember my having paid two or three hundred guilders for one bulb.
When the land was drained he planted it to cab- bages and onions, and again the neighbors laughed.
The Dodger had a vicious propensity, too, of pulling the caps from the heads of small boys and tossing them down areas; while Charley Bates exhibited some very loose notions concerning the rights of property, by pilfering divers apples and onions from the stalls at the kennel sides, and thrusting them into pockets which were so surprisingly capacious, that they seemed to undermine his whole suit of clothes in every direction.
News Report In a span of one week, prices of Indian onion have gone down from Tk 75-80 to Tk 60--65 at the wholesale market at Karwan Bazar.
LAHORE -- Pakistan's farmers seek to export surplus onion quantity as domestic prices decline amid arrival of fresh onion crops from the different parts of country especially Sindh.
Islamabad -- The rate of onion has sharply increased in the local market as presently it was selling of Rs.
Familiar bulb onions are easy to grow as long as you plant varieties adapted to your climate, and you can expand your onion season by growing leeks, scallions, and other types of non-bulbing onions.
Amongst the insect pests, onion thrips, Thrips tabaci Linedman (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) has been proved to be the most important factor for onion yield reduction.