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unwelcome burdensome difficulty

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Beyond helping to discern and adjust penalty scales in light of inhumane punishments and violations of cardinal proportionality, just desert theory supplies guidance for how to identify penalties of equivalent punitive bite or onerousness.
Does the onerousness of current anti-doping programmes outweigh the good they do?
At the same time, according to Lopez, Centeno and Fernandez Madrid (4), although gratuity is not presumed, there are circumstances that exclude onerousness, among which are amateur sports.
They had dozens of people at every tax commission hearing to talk about the onerousness of the sales tax on the poor.
More recently in Victoria, issues of principal role onerousness highlighted by Lacey have broadened into a wider public concern with occupational well-being (for example, 'Suicide: men at risk', Age, 18 August 2003; 'Stressed principals get life coaches', Age, 12 January 2005) which has triggered a major analysis of principal workloads (Department of Education and Training, Victoria, 2004).