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the practice of keeping one jump ahead of a friend or competitor

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But the one-upmanship and repeat storytelling could also be a case of pure self-absorption.
As she rents Miss Mapp's house for the summer, and sets out to win over the townsfolk of Tilling with her smatterings of bad Italian and limited musical accomplishments, the battle lines are drawn for an unmissable comedy of manners in this genteel war of social one-upmanship.
The mystery of where the technology came from, the hint of the supernatural, the constant one-upmanship of vying world powers all make this book impossible to put down.
It marked an unusually shift in emphasis away from simple spec-based one-upmanship and towards genuinely useful and innovative features such as always-on voice recognition.
Let climatologists be the ones to speak on climatic systems without fear of one-upmanship by relatively ill-informed engineers.
We play the kind of couple who are always into a wee bit of one-upmanship and that comes out as the night develops.
The string of emails provide an inside glimpse into the well-oiled 'Team Cruise' machine who alleged Holmes' team helping guide smear campaigns, the leaking of private and sensitive information and even setting up staged paparazzi photos in an apparent game of one-upmanship.
Speaking on the differences and patch up, the superstar said that both he and Salman have grown up and become mature and so the question of proving each better than the other or one-upmanship does not arise.
They're hot, sweaty, the air stinks - candle wax, sweat, perfume - blech, and the jewelry and the fashion are all a horrible game of one-upmanship .
They're not exactly subtle, though, and the ease with which other cue fans can identify whether someone is packing a 'piece could lead to one-upmanship between the haves and the have-nots.
Time has come to set aside all political one-upmanship, render justice and rehabilitate the generations of Tunisians who suffered from pain and torture," she indicated during the meeting that President of the Republic Moncef Marzouki had with the Commission members.
For a growing number of people, the measure of one-upmanship with the neighbours today is less about the number of foreign holidays or age of a car and more about broadband capabilities.
However much secret brotherhoods buttress their customs with ancient pedigrees and mysterious hugger-mugger, this book mostly paints them as pursuing the very mundane goals of fellowship, one-upmanship, fun, and practical connections.
The cracklingly funny dialogue summons up the feel of a raunchy gossip session that includes an uncomfortable, almost violent game of one-upmanship.
NOEL Gallagher has scored some one-upmanship over his brother Liam as he looks set to claim his first solo number one album.