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one part in twelve equal parts

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Companies who don't offer minimum essential coverage must pay an excise tax equal to one-twelfth of $2,000 per month times the number of its full-time employees in excess of 30.
7 million for lost profits, $1 million in emotional damages, $100,000 for retaliation and $36 million for punitive damages, corresponding to about one-twelfth of Nationwide's annual net profits.
The controversial subject was brought back into focus on Wednesday when the Racing Post revealed that racecourse bookmaker Peter Wilson, who trades as Jack Wilson, was the subject of complaints from punters and fellow layers after offering one-twelfth the odds on an eight-runner maiden at Salisbury last weekend.
While the miniature loo will set you back pounds 145, a one-twelfth scale marquetry wardrobe by modelmaker Chris Malcolmson, on show at Miniatura, recently sold for a staggering pounds 4,000.
An atomic weight of I corresponds to an average mass equal to one-twelfth the mass of the carbon-12 nucleus.
Under the terms of the awards, the restricted stock units will vest as to one-fourth of the grant amount on 20 June 2011 and in equal one-twelfth amounts each calendar quarter thereafter over the following three years, provided that the employee continues his or her employment with Ciena.
50 (the one-twelfth cut of a month of nickle visits) would a publisher receive?
The planet's star, VB 10, is a tiny M-dwarf with only one-twelfth the mass of our Sun, just barely big enough to fuse atoms at its core and shine with starlight.
Anyway, that pounds 15billion represents only one quarter of the pounds 60billion that the taxpayer is likely to lose on the banking bail-out and just one-twelfth of the pounds 180billion worst estimate of the ultimate deficit in the public finances.
Even if we accept the unlikely figure of 20% of the population of Wales as being Welsh speaking, this means that just one-twelfth of that 20% has any interest in the programmes produced by S4C.
FLIGHT OF FANCY: Jeff Anderson was flying high in December 1979 and hoping to hit the heights in the capital because a one-twelfth scale model aeroplane which he had built was accepted for the Model Engineer Exhibition at Wembley.
The widest gap is observed in sub-Saharan Africa, where the productivity level per person employed is one-twelfth that of a worker in the industrialized countries.
According to the ERA, digital sales still only account for about one-twelfth of the music market, but this is likely to grow over the next few years.
The X-48B is one-twelfth the size of what a full-scale blended-wing body transport would be.
This was because they measured an hour as one-twelfth of the time between sunrise and sunset.