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one part in thirty-two equal parts

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Notable features include the Food Slicer's 130-watt motor and calibrated slice control knob, allowing for thickness variations from one-thirty-second of an inch to a half-inch; the 150-watt motor on the Meat Grinder, as well as three cutting plates and two sausage attachments for various casing sizes; and the large-capacity, gallon Deep Fryer, which holds up to 3 pounds of food and has a pouring spout for ease in filtering the oil after frying.
By the turn of the century, several states had laws that deemed one-thirty-second African or African American ancestry the key that distinguished "black" from "white," a distinction so narrow as to make explicit the invisibility of "blackness" and "whiteness" as racial categories.
Warren's claim to being one-thirty-second Cherokee evaporated when the New England Historical and Genealogical Society - the gold standard in such matters - announced that its researchers had been unable to substantiate Ms.
Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's tenuous claim to being one-thirty-second Cherokee is the kind of issue that should fade quickly into the background in favor of more substantive and serious considerations of public policy and fitness for office.