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one of three equal parts of a divisible whole

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Substitute Housing: More than one-third are not sure whether their policy will cover hotel stays if their home is damaged.
Almost two-thirds were white, nearly one-third were black and the rest were of other races or ethnicities.
A Pregnancy does affect a woman's asthma, with one-third reporting their asthma gets worse, one-third noting it gets better and one-third saying it stays the same.
An immigration wave this massive - with about one-third of all immigrants coming from Mexico - has not been seen since in the United States since the late 19th century, when Germans and Irish poured in.
The authors point out that "one-third of cancers result from smoking, one-third from diet, and one-third from environmental and occupational causes.
The composites end up being roughly one-third plastic, one-third mineral, one-third fiber.
For instance, the beneficiary designation would read: "One-third to the trust for my spouse and if she predeceases or disclaims, this one-third shall be added to the other two-thirds; one-third to the trust for my son Jeffrey.
Fill one-third with vegetables, one-third with lean protein (skinless chicken, fish, lean red meat, or tofu) and one-third with beans, potatoes, pasta or rice.
The three remaining shareholders would each collect the proceeds of their policies on Jane's life and buy one-third of Jane's stock from her estate.
Yet Surrey and Hills went a lamentable one-third the odds the first two, Coral and Ladbrokes were a fifth the first three and Stanley and the Tote a quarter the first three.
A 1988 study by the Center for the Child Care Work Force found that "child care teaching staff earned less than half as much as comparably educated women and less than one-third as much as comparably educated men in the civilian labor force.
Michael's Hospital, equal in number to one-third of the corporation's Board of Directors.
In the HSWA, Congress directed EPA to promulgate treatment standards for listed hazardous wastes on a schedule of one-third of the list by Aug 8, 1988, two-thirds by June 8, 1989 and the third one-third by May 8, 1990.
Sixty percent of those companies surveyed have computerized more than half of their tax department's functions, and approximately one-third have computerized more than 70 percent of the department's work.