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in a unilateral manner


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highlight where the Quartet stands: one-sidedly for Israel with no concern whatever for Palestinian interests and welfare.
Yet since Israel's establishment in 1948 and its post-1967 occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, Washington has one-sidedly supported Israel and denied Palestinians their "freedom, justice, dignity, respect and independence.
Aso criticized the opposition parties' moves, telling reporters, ''They have brought (the measures) one-sidedly at the end of the current Diet session without holding deliberations.
Similarly, the joint-production problem presented by Steedman in Marx After Sraffa, in which it is presumably shown to be technically feasible for production to occur with negative values and negative surplus value, demonstrates in Itoh's view nothing so much as "the neo-Ricardians' one-sidedly abstract, technological approach to the theory of value.
I've been hard--reductively, one-sidedly hard, probably--on my generation's youthful activism.
Just like yesterday's trading (in Tokyo), market players wanted to unwind their positions after the dollar had been sold one-sidedly,'' said Toru Sasaki, chief foreign exchange strategist at JPMorgan Chase Bank.
interests one-sidedly on the back of overwhelming military power and accepting multilateral talks on a case-by-case basis only.
Liberation theology is neither the explanation for Catholic political activism (as conservatives who see it as "Marxist infiltration" would have it) nor is it a simple distillation and codification of BCC experience (as some one-sidedly grassroots view might have it).
Akihiro Tanaka, senior currency trader at Resona Bank, said it is unlikely that the dollar will keep rising one-sidedly against the euro and the yen.
The Foreign Ministry used the notes that were written very one-sidedly in the attempt to exclude, or crush me,'' Suzuki said, suggesting a conspiracy helped create the mood to oust him from the party.
On Wednesday in New York, the dollar remained under pressure due to lingering effects of comments by Japan's finance minister earlier this week about the risks of gambling one-sidedly on the yen's weakness.
Those who put all the blame on the other party and those who one-sidedly take the blame on themselves both lack courage and cannot contribute to world peace," she said.
Oji Paper's tender offer is only aimed at one-sidedly taking advantage of our company's profits, supported by the high production efficiency'' of its Niigata Prefecture facilities, the president said at the company's Tokyo headquarters.
Although the Nikkei stock average fell to a fresh 17-year intraday low this morning, traders have found it hard to drive down the yen alone one-sidedly, as they are aware that the Tokyo bourse slide was triggered by Friday's fall on the New York Stock Exchange.
The absence of Japanese witnesses provided American manufacturers and lawmakers an opportunity to one-sidedly criticize business practices in the Japanese glass industry.