one hundred one

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being one more than one hundred

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One hundred one teams in 10 divisions will compete over the weekend for prizes and a purse of $7,500 to be divided among the top three teams in the highest division.
One hundred one (49%) cases occurred among males, 103 (50%) occurred among females, and gender was not reported in two cases.
One hundred one auto deals were designated with a SMARTView date of Aug.
68 ( One Crore Ten Lacs Eighty One Thousand One Hundred One And Sixty Eight Paise Only )
One hundred one (46%) patients were <5 years of age, including 51 aged <16 months; 50 (23%) were aged 5-19 years; 67 (31%) were aged [is greater than or equal to] 20 years, including 16 who were born before 1957 (Table 2).
One Hundred One percent of interest rate risk due to leverage is hedged using interest rate swaps and floating rate securities that have a weighted average life of 5.
deposits and guarantees required: For the valid participation in the process of concluding this contract, A participation letter of guarantee, Amounting to twelve thousand one hundred one ninety six cents ( 12 101,96), Is deposited by the participating economic operators (tenderers).
About the survey of financial advisors: One hundred one members of Putnam Investments Golden Scale Council -- a group of top-producing intermediaries -- responded to written questionnaires at meetings held in July and August in Boston.
08 (one hundred and ninety-eight thousand three hundred and five) rubles 08 kopecks; 1 101 694,92 (one million one hundred one thousand six hundred ninety four) rubles 92 kopecks, excluding VAT.